Your Baby Can Hear You

Long before they are born, babies are thinking, feeling and even acting.  They can learn and remember. The renowned conductor, Boris Brott, found that he knew a piece of music sight unseen. He was surprised to discover that it was a piece his mother, a professional cellist, had practised many times during her pregnancy. He had learnt it before he was born. What happens during a baby’s time in the womb shapes his personality, drives and ambitions in many important ways. How the mother thinks a...
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Caesarean Section or Vaginal Birth?

From an article written by Gina Lowdon and Debbie Chippington Derrick First published in the AIMS Journal, Vol 14, No 1, 2002 Why bother going through the process of giving birth vaginally when you can have a planned caesarean section? Increasing numbers of women today appear to be subscribing to this view. Maternal request for delivery by caesarean section is reportedly on the increase and has been blamed, in part, for the continuing rise in the caesarean section rate. Why has caesarea...
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The Birth of Sofia

healing birth after a birth trauma | Pregnant Possibilities
When I found out I was pregnant, I was at once amazed, overjoyed, excited & totally terrified. The only births I had ever witnessed were on TV or in movies and were not exactly calm events. Stories told to me by other mothers were also quite terrifying and by the end of my first trimester, I had all but signed myself up for every drug available! Fortunately, the universe brought me Bree and my path to a calmer, more empowered birth began. The two most important outcomes for me were: ...
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