FAQ on cord clamping

healing birth after a birth trauma | Pregnant Possibilities
What is Cord Clamping? Cord clamping is a where a baby’s umbilical cord is clamped and cut. Cord clamping might be done prior, during, immediately after or hours after birth, although usually takes place in the third stage of labour (for a vaginal delivery). When cord severance is performed before physiological closure, a plastic clamp or ligature is applied to the remaining cord to prevent blood loss from the baby. The blood collected is often stored for future emergency use in a cord b...
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Natural ”drugs’ present in labour

There are many different definitions for the word drug. Many women choose artificial drugs in labour (ie an epidural) probably unaware of the vast array of natural drugs your body produces in a natural, physiological birth where no chemicals are injected or absorbed into the body. drug (drug) 1. a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body. Which drugs should you choose for your labor? Natural oxytocin- "Oxytocin is the hormone that causes the uterus to contract dur...
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Tips for new mums – from a 4th Time mum

“If I could turn back time” and transport myself back to meet my first time mum self many years ago, I would tell myself the following: 1) You’re doing OK In fact you’re doing more than OK, you’re doing bloody brilliantly, you have a happy, healthy thriving baby boy! go you! WELL DONE!!! 2) You don’t need to be on a diet Give yourself a break – you’ve just had a baby – there are better things to worry about! in fact in 10yrs time you’ll be wishing for the body you have right no...
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the calm HypnoBirth of Rachel – September 2011

Birth story | Brisbane HypnoBIrthing | Hospital Maternity System
My husband and a couple of our friends decided we would head out to dinner on the Friday night as bub was no doubt going to keep us home for the next few months. We headed to our favourite local Thai restaurant ordered our meals and about two bites into our dinner at 7.30pm my membranes released with a big gush. We headed home to have a shower and relax as my surges had not started at that stage and the fluid was clear so we knew everything was ok. My surges started half an hour apart about 1...
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Russell’s experience: calm, relaxed and confident

dads experience of HypnoBirthing |Brisbane HypnoBirthing
As a husband and birth partner I was looking forward to welcoming my first child into the world with my wife. We were able to labour at home for most of the birth because we were so relaxed and confident. I found that when we had the first midwife who didn’t understand our birth plan it slowed our labour as we weren’t able to stay relaxed. She told my wife that she was fully dilated plus two and then continued to tell another midwife we might not even make it to the birth suite and have the b...
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