Your Baby Can Hear You

Long before they are born, babies are thinking, feeling and even acting.  They can learn and remember. The renowned conductor, Boris Brott, found that he knew a piece of music sight unseen. He was surprised to discover that it was a piece his mother, a professional cellist, had practised many times during her pregnancy. He had learnt it before he was born. What happens during a baby’s time in the womb shapes his personality, drives and ambitions in many important ways.

How the mother thinks and feels is a major influence in how the unborn baby thinks and feels. After following 2,000 women through pregnancy and birth, Dr Monika Lukesch, a psychologist at Constantine University, Frankfurt, concluded that the mother’s attitude had the single greatest effect on how the infant turned out. The children of the mothers with the most positive attitude were much healthier, emotionally and physically at birth and afterward.

Numerous studies also show a link between antenatal maternal anxiety/stress and cognitive, behavioural, and emotional problems in the child. As babies react to external stimuli, and they are aware of the people who are their parents. A loving, calming external environment reinforces baby’s positive feelings of security. What the unborn feels and perceives begins shaping his attitudes and expectations about himself. Whether he sees himself as happy or sad, aggressive or meek, secure or anxiety-ridden, depends on the messages he gets about himself in the womb and during birth.

Babies are aware and they do remember birth. How he is born – whether it is painful or easy, smooth or violent – largely determines who he becomes, and how he will view the world around him.

Dr David Chamberlain in his book The Mind of the Newborn, states that the imprint of the birth experience is carried throughout our lives and Hypnotherapists often encounter this experience with patients.

Dr Thomas Verny in his book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child talks of how a mother delivers her baby is enormously influenced by the way she feels at the moment of birth. If she is relaxed, confident and looking forward to the birth of her child, chances are very good that her delivery will be simple and trouble free. If she is racked with doubts and worries, or is in conflict about the prospect of becoming a mother, the risk of complication rises accordingly.

These understandings point to the need for loving, conscious pre-birth parenting and gentle birthing methods as much as possible.  At Pregnant Possibilities we specialise in helping your baby develop in a calm, healthy and well-nourished womb.  The use of Hypnotherapy during pregnancy and HypnoBirthing preparation for birth help mum focus on reducing her stress and increasing the health of your baby.