The Birth of Ella – October 2011

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I was scheduled for an induction of labour at 40 weeks.

I had booked myself in for acupuncture induction on the Friday before my due date (to encourage labour to begin without intervention) with the option of doing another session on the Saturday, but I went into labour naturally on Friday morning, and after 21 hours, our daughter Ella was born at 2:47am on Saturday.

I got the labour I wanted in the end – starting spontaneously at 5:20am Friday. I stayed at home until 7pm that night when contractions were about 4 mins apart, used my TENS machine from about 4pm right through to the end, except I did spend 2 hours in the tub at the hospital until my waters broke at around midnight.  After that, I did use some gas on the 30% gas, 70% oxygen setting for an hour through late transition, but didn’t use any other drugs.

After pushing for 1.5 hours with little progress, they used a ventouse to help Ella out of the birth canal, but the doc said once he got her past the area where she was stuck, it was all my doing which pushed the rest of her out.  They didn’t give me an episiotomy either, so I only ended up with first degree natural tearing, so I was happy with that too.

All in all, it was a great experience, and I found HypnoBirthing’s greatest two benefits were that I was more confident leading into labour, and I was a lot calmer through the experience.  I found my natural endorphins kicked in at the right time, and even my perineum was quite numb at the end, so I didn’t feel the tearing.

Thanks for all your help and advice along the way – it was a big help!

– Kylie