the calm HypnoBirth of Rachel – September 2011

My husband and a couple of our friends decided we would head out to dinner on the Friday night as bub was no doubt going to keep us home for the next few months. We headed to our favourite local Thai restaurant ordered our meals and about two bites into our dinner at 7.30pm my membranes released with a big gush.

We headed home to have a shower and relax as my surges had not started at that stage and the fluid was clear so we knew everything was ok. My surges started half an hour apart about 1 hour after my membranes released and we laboured at home until 10.30pm when the hospital insisted we come in to double check everything was ok.

On arriving at hospital we found the waiting and monitoring of bub’s heart beat slowed our surges right down so we decided we would return home to a more relaxed environment.

We had not been home more than a couple of hours when the surges were at 3 minutes apart and quiet intense. We were able to labour well with our practiced breathing techniques, light touch massage and using different positions for comfort until we decided to make our way back to the hospital.

On arrival we agreed to one examination and were informed I was fully dilated. The midwife had not fully understood our birth plan at that stage (ie our preference not to inform mum how far dilated she was) and informed me instead of just telling my husband. This again slowed my surges.

We laboured in the shower for a period of time however found this wasn’t working for us and after a midwife shift change decided we would start walking around to get things moving along again.  I used a small amount of gas later in the labour however found I wasn’t thinking about the breathing down and gave this away.

The midwife was concerned that my surges were not close enough or long enough for the final stage and as we had been crowning for some time so we decided to have an oxytocin drip. This made my surges more consistent and we welcomed our beautiful girl Rachel into the world at 10.51am on the Saturday morning weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces.

Our birth story ended up getting around the hospital and a number of midwifes commented on how calm we were and have fast our labour progressed for a first time mother.

Today we have a beautiful, relaxed, calm, healthy baby girl and are very happy with how she entered the world. We will definitely be using the same techniques for our future children and we continue to inform people of their choices and the benefits of HypnoBirthing.

– Amanda and Russell