The HypnoBirth of Frankie – June 2011

Thanks to Bree, we had the birth for our baby daughter that we believed was best. We had done extensive research into birth before coming to Bree because we wanted the most natural and positive birth experience for our daughter; we felt it was the best start in life that we could give her.

My waters broke, spontaneously, at 37 weeks which was amazing because I had a real fear of being induced. Bree, through the HypnoBirthing course, had warned us to be careful of artificial induction, not the least because it leads to intervention, the outcome we were trying to avoid. As the baby was quite early, the hospital asked us to come in for assessment and, contrary to our feelings, we obliged. It turned out to be amazing.

The only intervention we experienced was antibiotics. The foetal monitoring showed that using the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques the baby was doing amazingly well through each surge. The midwives at the Mater were amazing. When my husband explained that we were using the HypnoBirthing method, they left us alone to labour on our own. Nobody offered us pain killers, not a word about pain was mentioned.

Using the methods that Bree had taught us, we were able to create the positive space for birthing. I was able to trust my body to birth the baby in conjunction with my daughter who really led the way. There was no ‘stages’ of labour in the strict sense, the whole thing from waters breaking to birth of the baby was only 9 hours, so we didn’t worry about the second and transition phase.

When I had the urge to push, my husband got a midwife and we went to the birth suite. The midwife, who attended Frankie’s birth, was in the lift with us as we went to the suite and, noticing the space we were creating, respected this by not saying anything to us but gently allowing us to maintain the space on the trip to the birth suite.

The HypnoBirthing course was absolutely amazing. It allowed us to have the birth we felt our precious baby deserved. It was the best start in life we could give to our daughter and we can’t recommend highly enough HypnoBirthing with Bree. If you follow the methods and practice your breathing throughout your pregnancy, it will help you to have a positive, pain free birth experience.

The best recommendation I can give was Frankie’s Agpar score. In spite of being nearly 3 weeks early, her Agpar at birth was 9 and, by 10 minutes, she was an Agpar of 10. This is pretty fantastic for a premmie and a great testament to the HypnoBirthing method.


– Bec and Lawrence