Russell’s experience: calm, relaxed and confident

As a husband and birth partner I was looking forward to welcoming my first child into the world with my wife. We were able to labour at home for most of the birth because we were so relaxed and confident.

I found that when we had the first midwife who didn’t understand our birth plan it slowed our labour as we weren’t able to stay relaxed. She told my wife that she was fully dilated plus two and then continued to tell another midwife we might not even make it to the birth suite and have the baby in the hallway. This messed with my wife’s relaxed state and therefore slowed her surges.  After the shift change we found the new midwife was more open to our birthing choices and was able to guide us through the birth we wanted.

If I could change anything I would have practiced the breathing technique with my wife as she managed her breathing on her own until we got home from the hospital (during labour) when I was prompted to help her by counting the breaths in and out. I stepped in at this stage and helped out with breathing techniques, light touch massage, supporting her in all positions and positive reinforcement.

I found my wife and I were very capable and relaxed in labour due to the techniques we learnt in our HypnoBirthing classes.