The Arrival of Colton Oliver

Our beautiful boy Colton was born at 38 weeks and 2 days. Unfortunately we didn’t have any success with turning him (from breech) with hypnosis, but my OB was happy to do a natural delivery conditional on the results of a pelvic scan. I had the scan and was supposed to go back to see the OB and discuss the results the following week but Colton had other ideas.

My membranes released about midday and soon after that I started having regular surges 3-5 mins apart and 20-30 seconds long, so things were happening pretty quickly. Because of his breech position, we had to go to the hospital straight away. Our options were reduced even further when we found out that our OB was away for the weekend and Dr who was filling in isn’t comfortable with breech deliveries.

We were disappointed not to be able to have the calm, natural birth we had planned, but the Dr on call did a great job of answering all our questions patiently and frankly. I think the relaxation techniques we had been working on helped me out in staying calm through the whole process, despite being a little overwhelmed.

While it is not the birthing option I would elect to do again, the caesarean didn’t turn out to be nearly as bad as I had imagined. Colton was never under any stress, so he emerged very alert and healthy. I was able to watch as they lifted him from my womb and words can’t describe the intense joy and overwhelming emotion I felt the moment I laid eyes on him. I definitely experienced the “natural high” new mothers talk about. It does have a down side though because I was so emotionally charged for the first couple of days that I didn’t get any sleep when I had the chance – I just couldn’t stop looking at him in awe.

He is a very relaxed laid back baby and we are loving every minute of parenthood. Thanks again Bree for the follow up and for your help through my pregnancy. I recommend the HypnoBirthing program to all my pregnant friends and will definitely be adopting the approach again next time.

– Nicole