The Arrival of Luke James – Attempted VBAC

I am very happy to announce the arrival of our baby boy – Luke James. His birthing day was Sunday the 12 September 2010.

I want to say thank you so very much for being our facilitator for HypnoBirthing. I know that we wouldn’t have got through the 4 days of latent labour (irregular but powerful surges) without it.

We went to hospital on Saturday night and I got to 7cm dilated when we decided to break the waters at around 5am. Unfortunately, when checked again, I was then only 5cm dilated and there was no progress from then on. Bubby had not descended (in fact he went backwards into my womb) and he was lying traverse. I was exhausted and using all my strength with breathing and being calm – HypnoBirthing style, when we decided that the best thing for bubby (his heart rate was absolutely perfect) and I was to have an emergency c section.

The birthing room was perfectly calm. I had brought in some music and we were working as a team even more together than ever before. Hubby was my rock and I am so grateful for that experience with him. He was truly saddened for me that I did not have the vaginal birth I wanted. I turned to him and said that I truly felt that if anything, HypnoBirthing taught me to accept this next decision as it felt so right for us all.

Afterwards I was informed that Bubby was laying traverse and looked like he was far too happy to stay inside, his little head had turned back up into my womb…enjoying the last full gulps of constant food supply.

I now have my complete family – my 2 gorgeous healthy sons and my husband whom I love even more now than before. I contribute that to him and my HypnoBirthing learnings.
– Danielle