The Birth of Indigo – 2011

After completing HypnoBirthing with Bree, I was relaxed and empowered and no longer fearful of the unknown of giving birth. This was extremely beneficial in the weeks that followed my due date as I was receiving a lot of pressure from the hospital to be induced, however after learning the process of induction from Bree this was the last thing I wanted to do. I ended up being 21 days over my EDD when I went into labour naturally and gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl.

I had the most amazing birth; started having surges around 9am Friday morning, and things got a little more serious around 6-7pm that night. I stayed at home using my HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques and breathing until 11:30pm when I moved into the second phase of labour.

We arrived at hospital at 12:30am, I was fully dilated and continued my breathing and visualisations with the support of my husband and doula. I gave birth to a healthy, happy, 8 pound baby girl at 3:30am, with no intervention from the hospital staff.

Two of the best things I did in the lead up to my birthing day was complete the HypnoBirthing course with Bree and hire a doula. Both of these choices increased my knowledge and confidence in my body to do what it was built to do and give birth naturally, while decreasing my fear and apprehension of the unknown. The techniques I learned through HypnoBirthing are still serving me well to this day – I have finally learned how to relax.

– Anna