The Birth of Jade

My husband and I participated in the HypnoBirthing course with Bree when 6 months pregnant and I am truly grateful that we did. It completely changed our awareness of how the birthing process is treated by modern medicine. After being inspired by the wonderful information Bree provided, we sought out the services of a doula, which ultimately lead us to change from a private hospital booking to the RBWH birth centre.

On the big day it started with my waters breaking naturally in the early hours of the morning and after a couple of conversations with the birth centre midwife we decided to head into hospital just for a checkup. In the car trip to the hospital I used the rainbow relaxation which was perfect to keep me focused on breathing and relaxation and I felt quite calm and confident when we arrived, even though the surges had already progressed from 15 mins to 5 mins apart.

After the check up, we ended up staying rather than heading home, as our little one’s heart rate was dropping fairly significantly during each surge. However with the support of our doula we ensured that any monitoring and checks were kept to a minimum. Remembering the techniques Bree had taught us, I took the opportunity to relax as much as possible between surges even though they were coming very fast!

At around the 6 hour mark we did transfer from birth centre to birth suite for some closer monitoring, but with the support of our doula and birth centre midwife, the end result was a very healthy strong baby after a 9.5 hour labour with just a little help from some gas and air right near the end.

If we hadn’t attended Bree’s Hypnobirthing course we would not have been aware of the options available to parents wanting a natural birth experience and we are almost certain our birthing experience would have included several interventions that in the end were not necessary. (The birth suite doctor was very keen to intervene towards the end).

Additionally, the course gave my husband a sense of purpose and techniques to support me during the labour rather than just being a bystander. I am very glad he felt this way as I believe birth is experience to be shared by both parents and truly appreciate the support he was able to give on the day.

Bree has an obvious passion for the natural birthing process and has a lovely warm friendly personality that certainly adds to the experience of attending her Hypnobirthing course. I would not hesitate to recommend Bree to any expecting parents.