The Birth of Nele – Planned Caesarian

It may seem like an unusual undertaking to attend a HypnoBirthing course when you are having a planned c-section, but for us, it was a completely natural thing to do.

Before we fell pregnant, my husband and I knew that I would need to birth our baby via c-section. I had previously had abdominal surgery to remove a large uterine fibroid. This meant that there would be a high risk of uterine rupture if I was to go into labour. A c-section was our only option, and we were comfortable with this. If I had not had the fibroid removed, we would not be fortunate enough to have a baby.

We did however want our birthing experience to be as natural as possible. HypnoBirthing seemed a great opportunity to bond with our baby before and after birth, and to learn techniques for relaxation that we could use in the lead up to the birth.

When we were 26 weeks pregnant we began our group HypnoBirthing course with Bree. Bree is a very supportive facilitator and led some wonderful relaxation exercises during the course. After the first class, we listened to the rainbow relaxation for the first time. It became part of our daily mantra until the birth of our daughter, including on the morning of her birth. We regularly practiced visualisation and the birth companions deepening. We had the idea that we would use the birth companions deepening while I was receiving the combined spinal-epidural.

We developed our “birth preferences” and I discussed these with our obstetrician who was very willing to support us. But on the birth day we were reminded why we didn’t call this a birth “plan”… I was whisked away by the obstetric anaesthetist to have my combined spinal-epidural, while hubby was getting the run-around trying to find some scrubs. Despite this “change of preferences” I was able to put myself into a state of deep relaxation and shortly after the epidural hubby arrived. Nele arrived in less than thirty minutes, making us a family! Unfortunately after a very short time on my chest, my hubby was to accompany Nele to the special care nursery as she had some breathing difficulties, fluid on her lungs and her blood glucose levels required monitoring.

I spent eight long hours waiting for our family to be re-united, expressing colostrum. The visualisation and relaxation exercises helped get me through this. Once Nele arrived in my room, she spent most of the next 24 hours on my chest. Within a day our breastfeeding relationship had formed.

Nele is a relaxed and chilled out baby. Part of these traits may be inherited, but we believe that the way in which she was welcomed into the world also had an important role to play. We encourage families-to-be to explore HypnoBirthing as a positive way to birth even if a c-section is unavoidable.

– Susan