The Birth of Ruby

Two weeks before I birthed Ruby, there was upheaval in my business and I felt that I lost my focus and all the mental preparation that I had been doing in getting ready for her arrival. I feel this had an impact of my readiness for her birth…

5.30am in the morning I felt a sudden urge to go to the toilet. When walking back to bed my waters broke! I was so excited finally it was happening! I had been getting contractions for about 3 days before and I knew my body was opening and getting ready for our little one. At about 6am I started to get quite strong contractions, so I had a shower and started to focus on my breathing. My husband was at work, so arrived home at 7am and by 9am we were on our way to the hospital.

When we got there they checked her little heart beat and told me everything was fine, so we decided to go and find some stairs to walk.

We walked around and around the car park and up and down the stairs, we must have looked a bit strange because the “safety” man came and checked on us. We told him what was happening and he left us alone. After about an hour of this the feelings were getting really strong, to the point of not being able to walk anymore, so we headed back to our room and settled into the shower.

The first midwife we had was fantastic, she let us do as we wanted and left us alone to get on with it. I started to feel a huge rush of sensation within and it was the first time throughout the whole morning that I thought “I can’t do this”. But my man helped me and was encouraging, and we had told the staff that we didn’t want any drugs and to just let us see how we go.

Well another hour later our first midwife left and the next one was awful. She was in our space in the bathroom to the point that I wanted to spray her with the hose!

When I got out of the water (big mistake) I couldn’t hide from her, she was in my face about pain killers, right in the middle of the big ones she would offer me drugs. In the middle of all this they asked if I wanted to be checked to see how far I had dilated, again big mistake! I was 3 cms, and again I thought “I can’t do this”.

When the next one rolled in she asked me if I wanted anything, and told me that at the rate I was going I could be labouring for the next 24 hrs and might end up a c-section.

Of course at this point I freaked out, felt no sense of control over my body and said yes to the epidural. Even though it was not as we planned, when the epidural guy walked in I could have kissed his feet I was so relieved. Another 30mins and I was lying in bed listening to Ruby’s heart beat and getting excited about meeting her soon.

The next midwife was fantastic, I only wish she had been there in the middle of it because I felt she gave me a lot of strength. The epidural was turned down when I reached fully dilated/transition, and I birthed my little girl unassisted.

After Ruby was born they placed her onto my chest straight away and left all of us alone for the next hour and a half to bond with her. It was the most amazing feeling to be lying there with her and my husband.

– Lisa