The Birth of Xena – a dads story

I had the amazing experience of being with my wife for all the training and education including the HypnoBirthing course that we did in preparation for our baby’s birth.

I can tell you now that all of it helped, but the HypnoBirthing education easily made the biggest difference to us having the natural birthing experience we wanted.

My wife’s waters broke early in the morning and she immediately began getting surges. We were comfortable with how it was progressing and we started baking a birthday cake for our baby, went for a walk down the beach and had an enjoyable time. Later in the afternoon we went into the birthing centre, where due to meconium in the waters we were transferred into the hospital. This was not what we had wanted and it stressed my wife. Thankfully we used HypnoBirthing and took my wife through a fear release which changed everything. She was now re-centred and adjusted to the new situation, before long we had the midwifes bringing in more pillows, mattresses, a swiss ball, the lights were turned down and the music was calmly playing in the background. We focused and working as a team.

The labour progressed through the night and into the next morning, I was always with my wife including in the shower, the bath, on chairs, fit balls or on the bed giving her support. Again the biggest difference was using the HypnoBirthing scripts on what to say, reminding her to keep breathing slowly and deeply but most of all it was knowing that this was perfectly natural. The course also helped knowing what she needed and how to maintain the boundaries with all medical staff so that my wife could focus just on herself knowing she had all the support she needed.

At one stage it was late at night and she was tiring so I made the decision for her to get a bag of IV fluids put in and to start using some gas. This gave her the chance to recharge and by sunrise she was in the final stage of labour, with our beautiful girl born at 9am into our loving arms. I will admit to shedding some tears, its an amazing experience to be a part of bringing life into this world.

That afternoon, we were back in the birthing centre and we went and helped out a prenatal class with questions and answers on labour. Everyone was very surprised at how happy, healthy and energetic we both were only 10 hours after the birth. That’s because we had the knowledge, the confidence and skills learnt in the HypnoBirthing education to have a natural birth on our terms.

To all men, you need to be involved in the whole process of pregnancy and labour including the education and any tests. You will always look back on the experience with a massive smile knowing you were there to help and it will bring your relationship with both your partner and your newborn baby even closer.

– Jai