Top 15 Myths of Childbirth

    1. Doctors only do interventions that are truly necessary.
    2. Continuous fetal monitoring is safer than intermittent monitoring.
    3. You have to birth on your back in a hospital bed.
    4. The umbilical cord: you have to cut and clamp the cord immediately after birth and if it is wrapped around the baby’s neck it is dangerous.
    5. It is safe to be induced and if you are not induced you will not go into labor on your own.
    6. Labor begins when a pregnant womans water breaks and she must birth between 12-24 hours after that.
    7. You can only push when dilated to 10 cm.
    8. You can not eat or drink in labor (or do anything else your body is telling you to).
    9. Going past your 40 week due date is dangerous.
    10. Babies often get too big to deliver vaginally.
    11. A c-section is easier and less painful than a vaginal birth.
    12. Epidurals don’t effect the baby.
    13. Vaginal breech birth is unsafe.
    14. Vaginal Birth After Cesareans (VBAC) are dangerous.
    15. Homebirth is not safe, hospital birth is not safe, no birth is safe.

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