Positive education has opened our minds

We now believe a relaxed wonderful birth is possible I never entertained the idea that my birthing experience would be something to look forward and a memorable experience, I just thought it would be "the worst pain ever" but that I would get through it because of the wonderful reward at the end. Now (thanks to HypnoBirthing) I know it doesn't have to be this way and am looking forward to bringing my baby into this world. I know now that this can be a calm, relaxed, wonderful experience. ...
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Dad is now educated and engaged in the birth

expectant couple |HypnoBirthing
We gained confidence, calm and understanding I feel much calmer and confident after the HypnoBirthing course. It has given me something practical and tangible to practise and focus on to help me achieve the natural, calm birth I would like. Most importantly it has helped my husband understand how important his role is and how he can actually be involved, help and support me. His confidence has increased, he understands why certain choices are very important to the baby and I now and I have c...
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