The Birth Of Bailey William – September 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed little Bailey William into the world on Thursday, coincidentally, our Wedding Anniversary.

Tanya was amazing – she is my hero. [Note: Tanya was induced due to concerns related to Gestational Diabetes] I dropped her off at hospital on 9.00pm the night before and they inserted the prostoglandin. Tanya’s waters broke the next morning at around 6.30am.

Our OB came in at 7.30am and whilst he didn’t need to break the waters, he wanted the syntocin drip in which was started around 8.30am. By 9.30am Tanya was 2cm dilated. The syntocin drip was increased and by 11.30am, Tanya was 10cm dilated.

All throughout, we used the HypnoBirthing techniques. Tanya basically remained in a state of half awareness, using a low dose of gas each contraction and a low dose of pethadine at around 9.30am just to take the edge off the contractions. At 12.30, active pushing began. At this point it was difficult to incorporate the HypnoBirthing techniques as it contradicts to much with active pushing encouraged by the hospital.

By 1.30pm, the baby wasn’t progressing enough and his heart rate was starting to rise so the decision to call the OB was made (Tanya’s pelvic floor was just too tight to allow the baby’s head through without allowing more time). He performed an episiotomy and used a ventouse to pull the baby out. It took three contractions and the OB literally leaning back to pull the baby out.

At 2.25pm, little Bailey was placed on Tanya’s chest for a couple of seconds. He was unresponsive and white. The next 10 minutes or so are an adrenalin-hazed blur for me with Bailey was taken out to the resuss station and given oxygen. We’d picked one boy’s name and one girl’s name and decided to wait till the birth to see if the name matched the baby. I knew instantly that this was little Bailey. He coloured up quickly (and pee’ed all over himself) and was taken into the special care nursery. I’m not even going to attempt to describe the feeling – there are no words.

His oxygen saturation levels improved till he was taken out of the Humidicrib late that evening and Tanya and I got our first hold and Tanya her first feed. His sugar levels were fine from the outset but they insisted on keeping him in special care and supplementing with formula (we bought goats milk formula with us just in case). The nurses in special care were nothing short of amazing (I know, I’m using that word a lot). They spent as much time with us as we needed to learn how to feed, how to change, how to look after Bailey. The Paediatrician we had was a bit old school and we really had to push the point to get back in and breastfeed Bailey which ultimately meant he came out of special care one day early and we got him in our room for a night before taking him home.

Since bringing him home, he’s been sleeping well, feeding well and we’re learning his signals and how to not over-stimulate him, etc. He’s the most gorgeous little baby, everyone that has met him so far just swoons 🙂

Even thought much of the birth didn’t proceed the exact way of our birth plan, we found the HypnoBirthing techniques to be nothing less than critical to the labour process. Tanya amazed both the midwife (who was an absolute angel who we could not think of anyone better to help us through) and our OB by her labour.

The midwife found it extraordinary that Tanya said about three words, the entire labour. She just went inside herself and worked with her body. This was in contrast to the woman I heard screaming her lungs out a few nights later while I was nursing Bailey. Likewise, in contrast to the woman who went through basically the same induction and issues that Tanya did, however she laboured till 10.30pm that night and then had a c-section, resulting with mum in a wheelchair, with an infection and her baby in special care even after Bailey was discharged.

Our OB was very respectful of our wishes, although if we were the type to be even remotely ok with a c-section, I’m sure he would have rathered do that, but he did everything in his power to ensure it was a vaginal birth. He kept us informed of what was happening, what he was doing and asked permission every step of the way including when he had to cut the chord as it was wrapped around the baby’s neck. Even though it wasn’t on the birth plan, he even gave me the honour of announcing the sex.

So thank you so much for helping us on this journey we’ve started. We can honestly say the experience would have been far less fulfilling and possibly with a worse outcome without your help. Keep doing what you do and help as many people as you can.

– Gavin & Tanya