The Birth of Violette, March 2012

On Wednesday at 3.30pm the mucous plug came away and by 5.30pm surges began coming on every 10-15mins. They were lasting about 1 – 1.5 minutes and were quite sharp. I used breathing to get through each one and we continued to go about what we were doing. The surges continued and began to get closer together and more intense.

By 10pm they were around 5 minutes apart. Our Doula Emma arrived at this time and assisted Matt in talking me through each surge as I rested on the bed.

We decided to move around and my surges increased in frequency and intensity, Matt & Emma assisted me by letting me lean on them while rubbing my lower back and talking me through each surge. At about 11pm Matt called the hospital to let them know we were on our way and that my surges were about 2-3 mins apart.

Once at the hospital we settled into the birth suite, I relaxed on a birth ball. The midwife came in and wanted to carry out checks, we allowed blood pressure, temperature and bubs heart rate but declined an internal exam, she then left us on our own. After a few surges on the ball I opted for the bed leaning forward into a beanbag. We snacked on some sandwiches and juice in between surges.

At about 12.30 the surges were becoming quite intense so I decided to try some relief from the hot shower. Matt supported me while I lent on him through the surges, but then decided i wanted to be on all fours. Emma gathered some towels for me to kneel on and a birth ball to lean on. Matt massaged my lower back while the hot water rained over me while Emma knelt down in front of me helping me to focus on my breathing through each surge.

Matt joked between surges which made me laugh and was a great distraction. We continued to do this for about an hour when I started feeling a lot of pressure and the urge to bear down.

Emma called the midwife and she came in to check on me, she took bubs heart rate again and realised that Violette would be born in the shower, the midwives went along with this and laid sheets and towels on the floor. At this stage I knelt in an upright position while Emma supported me and Matt sat behind me seeing bubs head begin to crown.

After breathing down twice bubs’ head had emerged, it helped to be quite vocal at this stage. Matt thought I was in pain, but the vocals helped use the pressure to breathe bub down. With the next surge I breathed down once more and Violette was born into Matt’s arms (be careful, she’s slippery!). Matt passed her through my legs and assisted me in holding her because I was shaky from the adrenaline. This was at 1.40am. We sat back on the floor and just enjoyed her for a while. To our surprise, she held her head up, opened her beautiful eyes and started looking around: she was so alert and wiggling like a worm! :- D

We then moved to the bed and Violette attached for her first breast feed. I tried a few positions to birth the placenta including standing and sitting upright, and at 2.50am the placenta was delivered naturally while on the bed. We left the placenta and cord uncut and un-clamped for the next 4 hours to allow Violette as much nutrients and blood as possible from it.

We left the hospital about 3pm the same day after Violette was checked over by the paediatric doctor and given an excellent bill of health, although we had a strong talking to from the Dr about not giving Violette the vitamin K or Hep B shots which we found amusing. The doctors came on strong and we knew there was no talking to them about our research or our conclusions, so we just smiled and noddedand declined their passionate offer.

This was a magnificent and empowering experience and we are so grateful to everyone that assisted us with our journey.

Matt is so proud of my preparation, he thinks I was amazing and calm and gorgeous through all this. And he says the bonding that took place during this event was priceless and indescribable. He thanks everyone so much for all the advice for the Knight in shining armour. It helped a lot during those precious hours.

– Melly and Matt