Dad is now educated and engaged in the birth

We gained confidence, calm and understanding

I feel much calmer and confident after the HypnoBirthing course. It has given me something practical and tangible to practise and focus on to help me achieve the natural, calm birth I would like.

Most importantly it has helped my husband understand how important his role is and how he can actually be involved, help and support me. His confidence has increased, he understands why certain choices are very important to the baby and I now and I have confidence in him.

The birth plan has become not just my decisions but our decisions. It means I feel I can relax and focus on birthing and he will be there to fully support us.

– Lyndell

An enriching course providing preparation for myself and hubby

I commenced the course in my last trimester, feeling like I had not undertaken sufficient preparation for the process of birthing as I had done very little research. All I knew when I started (based on a friend’s experience and lending me her book) was that HypnoBirthing espoused the philosophy that birth is natural, that a woman’s body is designed to do just that, and that what it would take is getting oneself ‘out of the way’ to let nature do its thing.

I commenced the course from that standpoint and knowing very little else except that it was possible from other people’s stories to have a completely natural and drama-less birth. What I learnt in the HypnoBirthing course was much more than I expected. I expected to be taught the techniques to be able to have a drug-less and pain free birth – I got that.

But what was unexpected and of significant value to me was the inclusion of my husband in the process and learning the practical ways in which my husband could participate and be part of the entire process. Learning together with my husband what we value and therefore what we want for ourselves and our baby to ensure a healthy and relaxed birthing for all concerned and the ability for us both to own the process. I found it very practical and very empowering.

My husband got so much value in his day to day life from incorporating breathing techniques into his exercise routine. We have also learnt about each other, discovering we actually share the same values and have the same approach and desires for the birthing process. It was an entirely enriching and valuable course.

– Tama