Drug free HypnoBirth of Ethan, March 2012

Just thought I would let you know we welcomed a baby boy into the world.  Ethan Alexander.

My waters broke on Wed at 4pm and they were clear so we rang the hospital to let them know and waited it out for a little bit but had no contractions or movements so went up to the hospital just to get checked out.  All was fine so came home again and went to bed.

Spent Thursday doing normal duties besides getting a check up again at the hospital which was all good.  Thursday night/Friday morning I got a couple of random contractions.

Off we went back to the hospital Friday for another check up and they gave me my options.  They spoke mostly about the risk of infection at this stage..  We decided that we would go down the path of Syntocin to help bring on my contractions and boy did it.  I was given the Syntocin at 2pm and we ended up having to slow the contractions down a bit as I was losing focus.

I unfortunately had to be pretty restricted near the bed because of the monitoring (with the antibiotics and Syntocin) but that wasn’t so bad.  We put off any internal examinations until around 10pm and I was 9cm which was brilliant news and refocused me again as I was so close.

Ethan was born at 11:34pm with no pain relief throughout not even gas.  I think I took two panadol afterwards.  No one told me till afterwards that oxytocin made the contractions twice as painful.  I know if they had I might not have thought I could do it.

All the midwives were so surprised and said how strong I was and focused and were so supportive to meet our requirements as best as they could.  It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I still managed it drug free in terms on pain relief so I could keep control of everything.

Ethan was 8 pound 5, 52cms long and a big 37cm head!  I had only minor tearing surprisingly.

We wanted to say on behalf of Steve and myself a big thank you for coming and doing the HypnoBirthing sessions with us.  I was strong, brave and believed I could do it (and did).

Motherhood is the hardest job by far!

– Megan