Positive education has opened our minds

We now believe a relaxed wonderful birth is possible

I never entertained the idea that my birthing experience would be something to look forward and a memorable experience, I just thought it would be “the worst pain ever” but that I would get through it because of the wonderful reward at the end.

Now (thanks to HypnoBirthing) I know it doesn’t have to be this way and am looking forward to bringing my baby into this world. I know now that this can be a calm, relaxed, wonderful experience.

– Carla

Positive empowering birth education

Thank you Bree for this amazing course, it has really opened our minds to how birth can be a relaxing, positive experience – not a scary, traumatic experience like we constantly hear stories about!

We have both learned so much & we both now feel positive and not scared about the birth. This is how birthing should be and everyone  expecting their 1st baby should do this course & learn about the proper/natural way to birth their baby!

– Grace

Education and choice has empowered us

Before starting the HypnoBirthing course, my husband and I thought the biggest decision we needed to make was choosing our OB and hospital. The course and especially Bree’s expertise in this area opened our eyes to the choices we had available to us.

The information and knowledge we have gained throughout the course has empowered us to understand the active role we can now take in the process of our pregnancy and most importantly – how we will birth our first child.

We now feel more informed and therefore, more confident that we will have the birth we would both like.

– Shanyn and Lee