The smooth, quick hypnobirth of Olivia – July 2012

I am now the proud mother of Olivia – a gorgeous 3 1/2 month old. Olivia was born at 4.45am weighing 2.75kg so just a little bubba and I am proud to say we had a natural labour from start to end!

My obstetrician started talking about sweeping my membranes at 36 weeks but we managed to keep putting him off. The friday before Olivia was born, I think my membranes gradually leaked throughout the day so I wasn’t 100% sure that my waters had broken but I thought something might be happening.

That night, I started to get some light, sporadic contractions but we went about our night as normal as possible. I had a bath, dinner and an early night. The contractions became a bit more intense as the night wore on and at 2am we called the hospital. They said to make our way in when we were ready. I had another lie down and managed to sleep for another hour using my relaxation techniques.

At 3am, as the contractions were getting more intense, we headed in to the hospital. We arrived at 3.30am, with my contractions about 4 minutes apart and Simon prompting me to breathe through them! Simon was great and let the midwife know from the start that we wanted to have a natural birth. She was pretty good about it, although she did offer me the gas a couple of times, which I politely declined!

They placed the fetal monitor on my tummy but as I was keen to walk around, they only ran a short transcript, happy that everything was okay with the baby. The midwife ran me a bath but before I got the chance to get in, I told her “I’m pretty sure the baby is coming.” They didn’t believe me but I insisted and so the midwife wanted to check how dilated I was. So the first time anyone checked – my cervix was 8cm dilated! Finally they believed me that the baby was coming!

I hadn’t spent much time on my back and I knew this wasn’t the position I would birth in so I stayed on the bed but on all fours, it just felt natural.  Olivia was born at 4.45am – just over an hour since we got to the hospital. I didn’t even need to contemplate taking any drugs: in the moment, I just knew I could do it.

She was born so alert and now she is such a happy, thriving baby. I feel very proud to know that I gave her the best start to life.

Thank-you again for your help. The HypnoBirthing classes really helped me believe that I could have a natural birth and not to be scared of the labour and the relaxation and breathing techniques really worked.

The classes also help Simon go from someone who was afraid of hospitals and wanting me to take whatever I could to stop the pain to such an amazing birth partner who agreed with all my decisions and was such a support on the day. I would definitely recommend HypnoBirthing to others – it worked more than I thought it would.

– Carla