The beautiful, positive birth of Nate – Jan 2013

I have always wanted to be a mom and I always thought I would enjoy being pregnant; it was going from point A to B that terrified me. I started researching how I was going to overcome my fear even before my husband and I became pregnant. My research kept leading me back to HypnoBirthing, the principles resonated with me and I knew this was how I was going to achieve my goal of having a natural and calm birth. I came across a HypnoBirthing website months before we were expecting and bookmarked it.

April 2012 brought the joyous news that we were expecting our first child and around 12 weeks I searched through my bookmarks and booked in for a class.

I diligently practiced the guided mediation and listened to the affirmations on my hour commute to work. I practiced my breathing techniques faithfully and with each week that passed I become more and more confident that my husband and I were going to be able to bring our little man into the world with a calm and natural birth. Our practitioner furthered our confidence with her approachability and her ability to answer questions honestly.

After our first session involved a discussion about doulas (an ancient tradition supporting women during birth) and we choose one for ourselves who was also amazing, fully supporting everything HypnoBirthing was teaching us and building on it.

I knew HypnoBirthing was going to help me in labour what I did not expect was how it was going to help me through pregnancy. I was calm and did not worry about much while I was pregnant. The affirmations helped me to trust my body all the way through. I was present through out my pregnancy, kind to myself; I allowed any emotions I felt negative or positive to flow over me. I attribute this to HypnoBirthing’s teachings.

This brings us to the wee hours of the 25th of January 2013. The day my husband and I saw our little man into this world. I was restless and could not sleep. I was determined to visualise the start of my labour. I was eight days past my due date and really did not want to face another day of the summer heat pregnant. Positioning myself over a stack of pillows, tummy down, in bed and slowly rolling my hips I spoke to my little man telling him I was ready – it was time! He agreed, at 4:00am my water broke and I was overwhelmed with joy – finally I was going to meet my baby boy.

With my HypnoBirthing practice under my belt, the confidence to trust my instincts and with the support of my doula I laboured at home until 11:30 that morning. It was at that point, even though the numbers did not indicate a move to the hospital was warranted, I trusted my instincts; my husband and I packed up and off we went.

Our Doula Cheryl was there waiting for us and excited about what the day would bring. I was assessed at 1:30 pm and one of my biggest fears came true. I was not in active labour. I would find out later, I was only 2 cm dilated. I remember thinking “well that was smooth Lynn, you miss read this and now you are in the position you didn’t want to be in.” As it turns out this was my head talking not my heart and my instincts to go to the hospital were correct.

Due to the distance between home and the hospital we stayed and went up to the early labour ward. Hanging onto positive attitudes we settled in, got the music and affirmations going. My surges became intense and one on top of another. But I trusted my body and my little man. There is no way on earth I would have stayed calm and breathing (as best I could) without the practice. I said affirmations out loud just to keep my focus. My surges were very productive and I was able to go into a trance loosing all concept of time because before I knew it my little man was almost on the scene.

I started to say that he was here – the midwife wanted to reposition me to have a cervical exam – there was no way I was changing positions; it went against everything my body was telling me to do. I remember her saying we will do it between contractions. LOL – there was no “in between contractions.” Thank goodness when she had a look at the situation she agreed it was time to go to birth suite, NOW!

Everyone encouraging me to breath through and not push as we moved from the bed, to a wheelchair, to the elevator, to the birth suite and back up on the bed. I did the best I could – my loving husband tells me our beautiful boy was on the scene within 10 minutes of getting to the birth suite. At 4:10 in the afternoon on the 25th of January our little man was born.

He was perfect in everyway! I had achieved the birth I wanted – no medical intervention and no medication – our little man was alert and ready to nurse within an hour of being born. It was a journey I will never forget. One of the most profound experiences of my life and one I will cherish forever. I am my worst critic, as we all are, but in this case I am very proud of my supportive husband and myself. If I could have shouted it off a mountain, I would have.

image of Brisbane HypnoBirthing parents Lynn and Aaron

The HypnoBirthing course really empowered us to achieve our goal. The experience showed us the path to the most beautiful, positive birth and for that thank you just does not seem enough.

I highly recommend doing a HypnoBirthing course to anyone who has a goal of achieving a calm and natural birth.

– Lynn, Aaron and little Nate, born January 2013