Positive birth education and preparation is the key

Calm, confident and excited to birth my baby!

It was very important to us that our baby is birthed in a way that makes the transition for them as easy as possible.

The HypnoBirthing course has given me not only the tools needed to help me stay calm and relaxed throughout our baby’s birth, but it has also given both of us the confidence to know when to ask hospital staff the right questions, in order to assess whether a particular step or intervention is absolutely necessary.

Now that John and I have completed your HypnoBirthing course, I feel totally confident in my ability to be able to birth calmly and naturally, and to completely trust my body. After each session we I would leave feeling so positive and happy. The simple thing of being around like-minded people, learning about positive birthing experiences and being able to totally remove all the negative association there is with birthing, has been invaluable to both of us.

Now, instead of being excited but a little bit scared and nervous about labour, I just have a feeling of total excitement and am really looking forward birthing our beautiful little baby.

– Candice and John 

Planning for the birth we want

(Following the HypnoBirthing course) I feel as though I have much more control over my how I see my birth.

Prior to the course I didn’t have a plan and wouldn’t have known where to start when making one. I love that I have now provided my obstetrician with our preferences and have had a chance to talk through this with him and ask questions.

My partner has also gained a lot by participating and feels she has a significant role in our birthing process. Thanks Bree.

– Deb and Amanda

Side lying


Confidence and positive preparation is the key

The HypnoBirthing course gave my husband and I the understanding of how birth could proceed in a gentle and natural way and hence the confidence to question and discuss the issues that we felt were important to us with our obstetrician.

We are very confident that things will go well, preparation is the key and we feel that we have done everything we can.

– Kathy and Tristan (read their birth story here)