Birthing confidently is a mindset

Having thought that I was already quite clear about my birth preferences but flexible to necessary changes,  the preparation we did helped me understand the importance of thinking about my plan in more detail, raising points I had not thought about.

HypnoBirthing helped me feel much more positive and decisive about going ahead with a natural birth with my baby being in a breech presentation. The techniques and a fear release hypnosis have improved my confidence and lessened my fears.

I now understand how embarking on and having a successful natural birth is dependent on your state of mind and have learned techniques that will help me with any unexpected changes.

– Michelle

More trust in my body

I now feel confident in my ability to have a calm birth but more importantly to trust my body & my baby to know what to do.

I look forward to going in to labour & getting to meet our baby girl when she is ready.

– Jade

More positive and clear on dads role (Second birth)

We feel very confident and empowered to have a natural and easy birth. The course has been especially helpful for my birth companion, as he has learned so many things about coaching me in every stage, so I can totally let go and go into myself to birth our baby.

Before doing the HypnoBirthing class I actually felt pretty anxious about the birth despite having had a good birth the first time. The course has helped us reconnect as a couple and get into the right mindset for birth again. Thank you so much!

– Mandy & Clay