The delightful birth of Felix – May 2013

I was nervous about being induced, as my escalated blood pressure came so unexpected after a very straightforward pregnancy. Nevertheless, with our HypnoBirthing teachings, lots of practice and the support of our practitioner Bree, we were able to achieve the natural and drug-free birth that we desired for our little boy (apart from the necessary induction hormone).

The birth of Felix was a delight and I spent a lot of my time in labour feeling either calm, relaxed, excited, or crying with complete joy that I was giving birth to our son. I found the HypnoBirthing affirmations to be the most helpful thing, and I laboured a lot with my headphones on, switching between the affirmations and Van Morrison! Time was a complete blur, and to be honest, I actually still have no idea exactly how long I was in labour for, but I believe that it was around 15 hours, with around 1-2 of those breathing Felix down and out.

Being in a midwifery program they were cautious about their induction methods and respected my wishes to work my way up to the drip. So it started with a sweep, then some cervical tape which worked extremely quickly and was pulled out to allow my body to labour naturally for as long as possible, then my membranes were ruptured, then I was placed on the drip as a last resort. Ben and I were able to remain calm and focused at each step, asking just the right questions which made us feel on top of everything before proceeding.

Natural birth with HypnoBirthing. Pregnant Possibilities

The midwives were amazed at how calm I was throughout the whole labour, and constantly made comments like, “you’re a powerhouse!”. In fact, when I felt Felix ready to be birthed, I said to the midwife, “he’s coming now!”, to which she replied, “no honey, I don’t think he is – don’t push or anything yet because you won’t be ready”. On the next surge, I said it again, so she decided to check me, turned to Ben in amazement and said, “she’s right, you know – she’s fully open! Chelsea, you just do what you need to do.”

I breathed Felix down until the last two surges, when the midwife told me that his heart rate had dropped and she wanted me to push. I did this for two surges, and there he was on my chest, all warm and sticky. He took to my breast in about five minutes.

We can’t thank our practitioner enough – what we learnt truly helped me to accomplish something I didn’t think was possible, and for that I will always be grateful.

Felix James was born on our wedding anniversary at 12:17am. He was 7 lb 5 oz and 50cm long. He is a delight.

– Chelsea and Ben