The Birth of Marley – September 2012

We are so lucky to have little Marley Iris who was born on the 7th of September.

I was 5 days past my due date.The weekend before I was trying everything to bring her on, but she wasn’t ready. The day before she came I told myself that she will come when she is ready and to enjoy the last few days without nappies and no sleep! So it seemed as soon as I relaxed, she decided to come.

I woke up on the Thursday with small pains and thought that that could be the start of it all but didn’t know.  I just relaxed all day & the pains were on and off.By 6pm that night they were getting more full on & I told hubby that tonight we might have some action.

By 8pm I told him to have a sleep and I was just going to have a shower & go to bed myself.  He was in the lounge room on the mattress & fell asleep. After the shower they were getting stronger so I called the hospital & they said to just have some Panadol & try to sleep. Well I wasn’t able to sleep, but I felt calm, was in my own zone & was managing fine. I was just walking the hallway & breathing into the surges, feeling like I was in control.

By 11:30pm hubby woke up & thought that I was in pain.  He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital & I said no.I was able to breathe into the surges & felt that I could do it on my own at home for longer. But then I all of a sudden did a huge spew & hubby freaked out and called the hospital again – and she said we had better come in.

Luckily we did, as soon as we walked into the Birth Centre, my waters broke! This was about 1:00am. I was 4cms and the surges were more intense now but I still felt very calm & excited that I was going to meet my baby.

By 3 ish I was fully dilated & felt like pushing & by 4:30am I was full on pushing with every surge. I was in the bath, shower, toilet, bed, ball on the floor, back to the bath.  I really wanted to have a water birth do a lot of the time I was in the bath.But I couldn’t get her out!!

We kept moving positions to see if that would work but it was like my surges only lasted long enough for me to do 2 big pushes when I needed 3 to get her head out. By 7am the midwife had no choice but to transfer me to the birth suite as I had been pushing for almost 3hrs  (they usually only like you to push for 2hrs in the birth centre). I was very unhappy about this as I really wanted my water birth, but I was getting exhausted & they had to follow procedure.

It was such a different situation in the birth suite, going from calm & quiet with only hubby, the midwife to a bright “hospital room” with a number of doctors and nurses.

They put monitors on me to check baby. She was fine so I kept pushing for a bit longer.When I had been pushing for 4 hours they started to talk about a c-section.  I was so against that & I knew I could do it without ANY drugs.I was determined to get her out of me, I knew I could do it as I had already come so far & she was right there!!

By 9;30am the doctor said that I needed help with getting her out and they suggested the ventouse suction cap. I really didn’t want this – but sort felt I had no choice as I was extremely exhausted & I just couldn’t seem to get her out.

I was given a local & a small cut, they suctioned the head out in one surge & with a second big push, out she came! After almost 6 hours of pushing, Marley was born at 10:05am, 8 pound 6 (3.8kgs) and no Drugs at all!

I was so excited to meet my baby & over the moon that she was a healthy little girl. I was so proud of myself for being able to birth her with-out drugs and with confidence that I could do it!

Thank you Bree for the HypnoBirthing course, it really did teach me so much. It gave me the confidence to take on the birth, no matter what situation or outcome my birth took. I went into my birth not knowing what to expect but at the same time, trusting my body & knowing that I could do it so thank you!

I am so glad that I did your course, I would hate to think of how my birth would have been if I wasn’t as prepared with the knowledge I learned from HypnoBirthing.

–  Grace and Jaicob