Fast second birth – baby came at home with HypnoBirthing!

homebirth hypnobirthing brisbane
We just wanted to say a big thanks to our practitioner Bree for taking the time to see me a few weeks ago (just before the birth of our son), the HypnoBirthing breathing helped me immensely. It turns out I had no time to get to the hospital - labour started at 2.30am and while I was in contact with the hospital at 3.30am and 4.30am they kept saying give it another hour..... I had no idea that I was so progressed as my breathing exercises had things totally under control as I paced around t...
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4 interesting things about your cervix ..

Credit - from an article on Most women have no clue what their cervix is, where it is, its function or even what it looks like. So here are some important useful things for you to know about yours   Childbirth 101: The cervix is supposed to thin and then dilate (open) from 0 to 10cm open during labor. Once at 10cm a women is then considered to be 'fully dilated' and can push her baby out into the world. Simple as that (or so we are told). There are however a ...
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