Fast second birth – baby came at home with HypnoBirthing!

We just wanted to say a big thanks to our practitioner Bree for taking the time to see me a few weeks ago (just before the birth of our son), the HypnoBirthing breathing helped me immensely.

It turns out I had no time to get to the hospital – labour started at 2.30am and while I was in contact with the hospital at 3.30am and 4.30am they kept saying give it another hour…..

I had no idea that I was so progressed as my breathing exercises had things totally under control as I paced around the house. Then all of a sudden as we thought to make a move to the hospital, things accelerated within minutes and I breathed my son out without so much as a single push in the position we spoke about!

It was the best birth experience by far.  We were released and home from the hospital (after the ambulance took us there soon after the birth) by 3pm the same day.

I only wish we had known what we know now when my first son was born, I would have gone drug free without hesitation.

– Rachel.