A joyful experience after a previous birth trauma

I thought I would give you an update on the birth of our little baby Pippa Aderyn Williams born on the 27 of April.

Well its been over a month since you helped me with a one-on-one session to help me with a past birth trauma and some serious fears I had leading up to this labour and birth experience. Up until a week before seeing you I had a planned and c-section at Lismore Base hospital.

So I had the session with you and spent every night relaxing and meditating to the CD you gave me. I worked through the HypnoBirthing book and CD, and my partner and I made sure I had weekly massages leading up to the birth. I also did another 5 hour course that gets the mind and body ready for the birthing journey (Traditional wisdom) and I often visualised my birth…so….

After only 4.5 hours of manageable labour I delivered Pippa at the birthsuite in Lismore (a house with two midwives, birthing pool and shower etc) with no pain relief. She was ten pounds!!!

It was a great experience. I was completely in control of my breathing and thoughts. I did it, I had a natural birth with no pain relief – I wouldn’t have needed it anyway!

It really was a healing experience and I feel so strong and capable because of this smooth journey. Its really hard to impress how wonderful the experience was – just as it is meant to be. After such long labours and complicated experiences in the past, this was just wonderful!

– Megan