Libby Trickett encourages more Qld hospitals to use HypnoBirthing

THE push is on to bring HypnoBirthing to the state’s maternity hospitals.

Labour wards could be a lot calmer next year if HypnoBirthing International succeeds with a pilot program to teach the relaxation and deep breathing techniques in Queensland.

Amanda Bude, from HypnoBirthing International, said the program was already a success in NSW hospitals, having been in use for 25 years and increasing numbers of hypnobabies are born in Australia each year — 5500 in 2014 alone.

The self-hypnosis program is taught over five weeks, where parents-to-be learn special breathing exercises, physical preparation, positive thinking, visualisation and relaxation exercises.

Evidence suggests there is less risk of medical interventions such as C-sections or episiotomies, labour times are shorter, tears are rarer and the baby is likely to be calmer.

A Queensland Health spokeswoman said each hospital determined the content of its own antenatal program.

The Duchess of Cambridge  also used hypnobirthing for both of her births to date, and Queensland sporting heroes — including swimming golden girl Libby Trickett — are also on board.

“I would love to see hypnobirthing techniques taught in Queensland hospitals,” Trickett said yesterday.

“My husband Luke and I attended sessions … and for me it really helped break down any preconceived ideas that births can be traumatic.

There was no screaming, it was a calm and gentle environment.”

HypnoBirthing in Queensland hospitals is encouraged by athlete Libby Trickett

There is a free family hypnobirthing picnic on Saturday, November 14 from 10.30am at Kalinga Park, Clayfield


source Courier mail