The Unexpectedly Calm Birth of Macy

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Macy on Sunday and she is a dream!

While I really, really wanted to believe in the idea of a somewhat bearable labour with minimal pain prior to the birth I was somewhat skeptical. I remember telling my HypnoBirthing practitioner that my two goals of this labour were to not feel like I wanted to die and not vomit continuously..!

Well, not only did I achieve both of those goals, but I also actually enjoyed parts of my labour!!!

While I was pretty relaxed with my practice, in the last few weeks I practised my breathing daily and listened the the affirmations. I also went to sleep listening to the rainbow relaxation each night.

My labour was a lot longer than it was with my first daughter (Ella) which was 24 hours in comparison to 12 hrs. However because I was calm during the early and mid stages, I was able to stay focused and it was relatively easy to manage.

Just the simple act of ‘breathing’ did wonders and I finally understood what people were saying when they say after the birth you just want to do it again – because that’s exactly how I felt. It’s incredible what birth is supposed to be like when we trust our bodies and our hormones work for us, rather than against. It was a completely different birthing experience this time around, despite it being double the length.

I must admit, HypnoBirthing did go out the window a bit when I was about to push – and there definitely was no ‘breathing’ my baby out – but even that act of vocalising was my way of letting go and signalling the end of the birth with a bang – and it wasn’t all that bad.

I also don’t know if it is because of the birth (and pregnancy), or just coincidence, but Macy is a much, much calmer baby than our first child Ella was. She is incredibly easy going and happy.

I’ll definitely recommend HypnoBirthing (and our fabulous practitioner) to all other pregnant mummies. It is worth every cent!