WORLD HypnoBirthing day celebrations

Mums who have birthed using HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method gathered in many cities and  towns of Australia today.

The celebrations follows on 25 years after Marie Mongan founded HypnoBirthing, and goes to the credibility of HypnoBirthing International’s worldwide program.

Brisbane HypnoBirthing Committee members Bree Taylor Molyneaux and Trish Cumming joined the celebration this morning over rainbow cake with local Brisbane HypnoBirthing Practitioner Carla Morgan and some local families.

Celebration rainbow cake | 25 years of HypnoBirthing on World HypnoBirthing Day
WORLD HypnoBirthing day is celebrated with rainbow cake in Brisbane

Bree said “It is an inspiration to us all that the vision of one woman (Marie Mongan) twenty five years ago is what continues to guide the passion of our teachings of HypnoBirthing. The continual realisation of that dream, that every woman everywhere, can have a birth that was safe and comfortable, is what we are here celebrating today.”

Brisbane HypnoBirithing Practitioners | Trish Cumming, Carla Morgan, Bree Taylor
Brisbane HypnoBirthing Practitioners | Trish Cumming, Carla Morgan, Bree Taylor Molyneaux

The celebrations will continue around the world today and tonight by hundreds of HypnoBirthing International practitioners, with many rainbow cakes expected to be enjoyed in the name of gentle, calm birth.