More than just a birth preparation course…HypnoBirthing

Some may argue that the time and money new parents spend investing on birth preparation courses would be better spent on parenting classes. The birth is after all, a one-off event whereas parenting is life long. But what if a childbirth education course could also equip you with life skills that you could apply well beyond the birth suite? What if the philosophy and principles behind this course could be utilised at any stage in your life?

Many HypnoBirthing parents tell me how they are using their HypnoBirthing techniques post birth. HypnoBirthing isn’t a wham bam thank you mam course, over and done with in a day. It’s a well thought-out 5 week program that subtly changes or reinforces a mind-set. It’s this mind-set along with practical techniques that come in handy when dealing with difficult situations and let’s face it; newborns and toddlers can indeed be difficult at times.

One couple had their newborn admitted to NICU after a positive HypnoBirthing experience. They remained calm and used the communication strategies taught to them during their classes to communicate with their baby’s doctors in order to make informed decisions during what was an intensely, stressful time. After 3 days in NICU, the family was able to return home and used many of the HypnoBirthing pre-natal bonding suggestions in the post-natal period to ease this transition and begin their bonding time as a family.

Another new mum told me how she was using the breathing techniques she’d learned in classes to help relax during breastfeeding to stimulate her let down reflex faster. ‘If I find myself thinking about what I need to do or negotiating with my toddler while I’m trying to feed the baby, my let-down takes longer and the bub becomes fussy. So I just breathe deeply and visualise the milk flowing and the let-down comes straight away”.

First-time mum Kate also reported “I found the HypnoBirthing techniques/learnings helpful for after birth too, from getting back to sleep after night feeds in the beginning or just handling those stressful times better.” She also credits HypnoBirthing for her bub being so calm, happy and well-adjusted.

From my own experience as a mum to a 4 year old and a 7 month old who is currently waking at 4 am, when life is challenging and I’m in the throws of prolonged sleep deprivation, I return to the teachings of my HypnoBirthing course and see what I can apply to improve my situation.

In my case, I remembered that during pregnancy I had spent at least 20 minutes every day in relaxation as well as deep breathing as often as possible. So it’s not surprising really, that 7 months down the track with an extra tiny human to look after I’ve forgotten in my haze and sleep deprived state to care for my relaxation and state of mind.

This is where using the techniques and philosophy of HypnoBirthing has been a practical application beyond the birth. Practicing deep breathing when I’ve been asked for something for the umpteenth time means I respond more calmly than snapping with a frazzled over-tired, over-wired brain. Incorporating even 10 minutes of relaxation into my day makes me feel less tired, more energised and more connected to the world and my children around me, and when I feel more connected I enjoy just ‘being’ with my children.

So yes, HypnoBirthing is more than just a birth preparation course. It’s a course that provides you with a real skill set you can apply in most real world situations. It encourages a positive state of mind for mums and their birth companions, which can most definitely be carried into parenthood.  Without any shadow of a doubt, a positive perspective when parenting makes every little thing that much easier to deal with.

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