Five tips for getting the most out of your HypnoBirthing classes…

So many parents wonder how they can get the most out of their HypnoBirthing classes.

Brisbane Practitioner & Doula Trish Cumming gives you five great tips to maximise your learnings.

  1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE– They say that practice makes perfect, but as with any new skill, you need to feel confident in your abilities when the time comes. Daily HypnoBirthing practice will not only help you to relax and rest during your pregnancy, but it will also mean you can “switch it on” when you need to feel calm and relaxed.
  2. DON’T OVER THINK IT –The mind is a very powerful organ, and worrying about something won’t help. Relax and feel confident in your body’s ability to birth your child. You’ve got this Mummy!
  3. CHOOSE A SUPPORTIVE BIRTH PARTNER –Your decision to HypnoBirth is yours, own it, and ensure that your birth support team are ready and willing to help you succeed. You don’t need any doubting Dorothy’s around you when you’re trying to complete this most important task.
  4. CHOOSE A SUPPORTIVE BIRTH ENVIROMENT – You want to feel like a queen on your birthing day, ensure your loyal subjects are on board with your birthing ideals.
  5. RELAX, ENJOY AND TREAT YOURSELF –Before long, you will be at the beck and call of a tiny task master or mistress – enjoy this time, relax and try to rest as much as possible (you’ll thank me later).