What HypnoBirthing preparation really brings | a practitioners perspective

By Bree Taylor Molyneaux

As a HypnoBirthing practitioner of over six years, I have experienced and taught many different couples in many different birthing situations.  What HypnoBirthing provides is a wonderful opportunity for nearly all birthing couples, so I thought it would be nice to explain my personal perspective on that a little more.

In modern years, women have begun to dis-empower themselves from their bodies, which allows the concept that someone else knows better to flow to; someone else has the right to make the decisions in my birth, that we as women know nothing.

Self empowerment

One thing that I find so wonderful about HypnoBirthing is how it focuses on bringing women back to themselves and birthing on their terms. For by bringing us back to our bodies we remember to trust in ourselves, and to trust in birth.

It’s like believing; if my body could conceive this baby, it can grow this baby, nurture this baby and feed this baby, so maybe it knows how to birth it too! And all of that just creates a different way of thinking about birth which is just one of the things that HypnoBirthing brings which is so wonderful.

HypnoBirthing teaches women to find that inner trust in themselves and their bodies, to help it to expand and to build upon it over a sequence of regular classes. In doing so women learn how to use their breathing, become even more present, be more positive in themselves and their body, and begin to believe that it does know how to birth.


unplanned homebirthEducation

A second key element that HypnoBirthing brings which I don’t always hear about in other ante-natal education approaches, is the idea that we benefit from fully understanding our choices – especially in this world that we live in which is so overflowing with options for almost everything! In order for a birthing woman to make an informed choice, appropriate education is really quite important.

For our ancestors, it wasn’t so necessary how they were educated about birth, but because many of us today in the 21st century are birthing in hospitals by choice (or by lack of understanding there is another choice) we benefit from understanding how to work with the hospital system /birth centre, to get the kind of birth that we want.

And that approach of self-education (instead of reliance upon the hospital or midwife to provide all that we need) starts women on a path of getting even clearer about the kind of birth they want.

Through research, education and being empowered in this idea that you can have influence over your birth is often quite profound for birthing couples.

The idea that you don’t have to just surrender to the system, but instead you can be empowered and understand that these choices about your birth should be yours to make. That you don’t have to just hand over to the midwife, or hand it over to the obstetrician, or fit in with the policies of the hospital.

For while those specialists are there to guide us, it is my personal belief that only for women in higher risk pregnancies and higher risk births is a high risk treatment model really of value. Because some specialists treat all women the same (high or low risk) regardless of their history which can affect the way their pregnancy and birth unfolds.

You see for most women who are low risk – meaning they’ve had a very healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy – we assume that these women can in most cases birth normally and with minimal or no assistance. And this can be true for as many as sixty percent of women today who fit in this ‘low risk’ category.

But since all low risk women are not always treated accordingly the system doesn’t always support them in all the ways they might want, unless they get themselves educated and take responsibility to ask questions and find care provider who will help them based on their situation.

And while intervention in labour is another blog altogether you probably appreciate there is some inherent value in allowing us as women, to come back to a place where we really get that birth is natural and normal and nothing to be feared..

In a mindset where a woman says to herself “I know my choices, this is my decision and I trust my body do the work as my partner support me”. These women let their feminine guidance, inner wisdom or intuition come out, then labour starts to happen an entirely different way and they totally surrender to the process – ala a birthing goddess.

For me personally, Hypnobirthing’s true gift is how pregnant women and their partner reach a place of knowing and believing that we can do something amazing (that our bodies were built to do) and it doesn’t have to be terrifying experience anymore.

That’s what I love about HypnoBirthing so much – it takes the fear out of birth and replaces it with trust, calm and confidence.

So maybe my thoughts on this topic tweaks a desire or an interest for you to investigate it further – it doesn’t have to be HypnoBirthing that inspires you towards a more open birthing experience. Whatever resonates with you.

But if you are pregnant or planning a baby in the future most of all I encourage you to get educated so you can have your birth, your way.



Read more about the author Bree;  a Brisbane based womens happiness coach + HypnoBirthing educator here