Relaxation and hypnosis calms women in labour

Can women really be relaxed in labour?
Below is proof this incredible image shows a near constant heart rate during labour for this mums homebirth.
heart rate of a woman in labour
heart rate of a woman in labour
You can see in the trace above her heart beat, energy and duration of labour.
The most striking thing is that throughout her labour her heart rate actually went down apart from a tiny increase during the birth. Her heart rate and level of energy expenditure where high in the beginning (what we term the excitement phase) when she was probably still more active and understandably super excited that she was going to have her baby very soon.
As the labour progresses she begins to slow down her activity, relaxing deeply and only experiencing an increase in heart rate during contractions.  This shows so clearly that staying calm, relaxed and focused means you expend less energy and put less strain on your heart. She burned a total of 493 calories which is the equivalent of playing golf for an hour and a half – a far cry from the Google stimate of an average labouring women burning 50,000 calories!
The reason hypnotherapy works so well in labour is that
a) mums-to-be condition their bodies to relax so they can “actively” relax muscles on command for example when a contraction begins
b) they have practised deep breathing techniques which help the flow of oxygen to the uterus making it easier for the muscles to work effectively
c) they have over come any fears or worries so that they have little or no adrenaline which can cause tension in muscles.
d) They completely trust their bodies to know exactly what to do and so are not “fighting” the labour in any way.