4 interesting things about your cervix ..

Cervix Credit - from an article on www.birthologie.com :) Most women have no clue what their cervix is, where it is, its function or even what it looks like. So here are some important useful things for you to know about yours   Childbirth 101: The cervix is supposed to thin and then dilate (open) from 0 to 10cm open during labor. Once at 10cm a women is then considered to be 'fully dilated' and can push her baby out into the world. Simple as that (or so we are told). There are however a f...
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Why doulas are a must for your birth

why Doulas | Mongan Method HypnoBirthing in Brisbane
by Moran Liviani. The word ‘Doula’ is becoming a bit more well known these days because women intuitively know and are seeking the guidance of another woman whom understands and has the knowledge and is trained to support, educate and be the trusting guide you need to light your way on your birthing day. When I was pregnant with my second baby girl I had a friend suggest to me to obtain the services of a Doula. I had no idea what a Doula was and so I started researching and the more I read...
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FAQ on cord clamping

healing birth after a birth trauma | Pregnant Possibilities
What is Cord Clamping? Cord clamping is a where a baby’s umbilical cord is clamped and cut. Cord clamping might be done prior, during, immediately after or hours after birth, although usually takes place in the third stage of labour (for a vaginal delivery). When cord severance is performed before physiological closure, a plastic clamp or ligature is applied to the remaining cord to prevent blood loss from the baby. The blood collected is often stored for future emergency use in a cord b...
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