The Homebirth of Willow

Labour and Birth of Willow | Brisbane | HpnoBirthing Mongan Method
Willow's Birth I knew straight away that I was pregnant with my third baby, but I had suffered a miscarriage earlier in the year so I was a little apprehensive about this pregnancy holding. Unlike my other two pregnancies I suffered quite badly with morning sickness and had the added worry of losing the baby. Once I got to 12 weeks I knew this little baby was going to hold on and join our family so I started making plans for where I would have it. Just like my other two babies I immediately c...
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A joyful experience after a previous birth trauma

I thought I would give you an update on the birth of our little baby Pippa Aderyn Williams born on the 27 of April. Well its been over a month since you helped me with a one-on-one session to help me with a past birth trauma and some serious fears I had leading up to this labour and birth experience. Up until a week before seeing you I had a planned and c-section at Lismore Base hospital. So I had the session with you and spent every night relaxing and meditating to the CD you gave me. I wor...
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Fast second birth – baby came at home with HypnoBirthing!

homebirth hypnobirthing brisbane
We just wanted to say a big thanks to our practitioner Bree for taking the time to see me a few weeks ago (just before the birth of our son), the HypnoBirthing breathing helped me immensely. It turns out I had no time to get to the hospital - labour started at 2.30am and while I was in contact with the hospital at 3.30am and 4.30am they kept saying give it another hour..... I had no idea that I was so progressed as my breathing exercises had things totally under control as I paced around t...
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Beautiful HypnoBirthing waterbirth of Natasha – Feb 2013

happy HypnoBirthing baby Natasha | Pregnant Possibilities Brisbane
We are pleased to announce the arrival of our baby girl Natasha Jayde weighing in at 9 pounds by a beautiful, vaginal water birth! Labour was 9 hours and we were able to use the skills we acquired from HypnoBirthing to stay in control and have the birth that we planned. We were also very blessed to have a midwife & OB that supported and respected our choices. Natasha was sitting on the perineum for 70 minutes (we were told later that many other OB’s and midwives would not have let her si...
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The delightful birth of Felix – May 2013

HypnoBirthing baby - Pregnant Possibilities
I was nervous about being induced, as my escalated blood pressure came so unexpected after a very straightforward pregnancy. Nevertheless, with our HypnoBirthing teachings, lots of practice and the support of our practitioner Bree, we were able to achieve the natural and drug-free birth that we desired for our little boy (apart from the necessary induction hormone). The birth of Felix was a delight and I spent a lot of my time in labour feeling either calm, relaxed, excited, or crying with co...
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The beautiful, positive birth of Nate – Jan 2013

I have always wanted to be a mom and I always thought I would enjoy being pregnant; it was going from point A to B that terrified me. I started researching how I was going to overcome my fear even before my husband and I became pregnant. My research kept leading me back to HypnoBirthing, the principles resonated with me and I knew this was how I was going to achieve my goal of having a natural and calm birth. I came across a HypnoBirthing website months before we were expecting and bookmarked it...
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The Healing Birth of Rosalyn Maya

This was my second pregnancy. My first came to an abrupt end in June of 2011 with the stillbirth of our first child and daughter Charlotte Mabel. It was a painful experience, not only for the grief of our child but also because I was so unprepared, my body was forced to birth. I did give birth to her though. It was a strangely beautiful moment. When I became pregnant again I wanted this birth not to be, if I could help it, something that just happened to me. I was going to be an active partic...
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Birthing confidently is a mindset

Birth preparation creates a positive mindset | Brisbane HypnoBirthing
Having thought that I was already quite clear about my birth preferences but flexible to necessary changes,  the preparation we did helped me understand the importance of thinking about my plan in more detail, raising points I had not thought about. HypnoBirthing helped me feel much more positive and decisive about going ahead with a natural birth with my baby being in a breech presentation. The techniques and a fear release hypnosis have improved my confidence and lessened my fears. I now...
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The Birth of Marley – September 2012

We are so lucky to have little Marley Iris who was born on the 7th of September. I was 5 days past my due date.The weekend before I was trying everything to bring her on, but she wasn't ready. The day before she came I told myself that she will come when she is ready and to enjoy the last few days without nappies and no sleep! So it seemed as soon as I relaxed, she decided to come. I woke up on the Thursday with small pains and thought that that could be the start of it all but didn't know...
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The smooth, quick hypnobirth of Olivia – July 2012

I am now the proud mother of Olivia - a gorgeous 3 1/2 month old. Olivia was born at 4.45am weighing 2.75kg so just a little bubba and I am proud to say we had a natural labour from start to end! My obstetrician started talking about sweeping my membranes at 36 weeks but we managed to keep putting him off. The friday before Olivia was born, I think my membranes gradually leaked throughout the day so I wasn't 100% sure that my waters had broken but I thought something might be happening. Th...
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