The Birth Of Bailey William – September 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed little Bailey William into the world on Thursday, coincidentally, our Wedding Anniversary. Tanya was amazing - she is my hero. [Note: Tanya was induced due to concerns related to Gestational Diabetes] I dropped her off at hospital on 9.00pm the night before and they inserted the prostoglandin. Tanya's waters broke the next morning at around 6.30am. Our OB came in at 7.30am and whilst he didn't need to break the waters, he wanted the syntocin dri...
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the calm HypnoBirth of Rachel – September 2011

Birth story | Brisbane HypnoBIrthing | Hospital Maternity System
My husband and a couple of our friends decided we would head out to dinner on the Friday night as bub was no doubt going to keep us home for the next few months. We headed to our favourite local Thai restaurant ordered our meals and about two bites into our dinner at 7.30pm my membranes released with a big gush. We headed home to have a shower and relax as my surges had not started at that stage and the fluid was clear so we knew everything was ok. My surges started half an hour apart about 1...
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Russell’s experience: calm, relaxed and confident

dads experience of HypnoBirthing |Brisbane HypnoBirthing
As a husband and birth partner I was looking forward to welcoming my first child into the world with my wife. We were able to labour at home for most of the birth because we were so relaxed and confident. I found that when we had the first midwife who didn’t understand our birth plan it slowed our labour as we weren’t able to stay relaxed. She told my wife that she was fully dilated plus two and then continued to tell another midwife we might not even make it to the birth suite and have the b...
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The Birth of Xena – a dads story

I had the amazing experience of being with my wife for all the training and education including the HypnoBirthing course that we did in preparation for our baby's birth. I can tell you now that all of it helped, but the HypnoBirthing education easily made the biggest difference to us having the natural birthing experience we wanted. My wife’s waters broke early in the morning and she immediately began getting surges. We were comfortable with how it was progressing and we started baking a b...
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