What mums are saying about placenta encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation | Brisbane HypnoBirthing
As a Brisbane-based Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, the majority of mothers that I’ve encapsulated placentas for report one or more of the following: Improved state of well-being Increased milk-supply Increased energy levels immediately after birth Speedier recovery from birth and return to normal hormonal balance Better ability to cope with interrupted sleep What I find most interesting are the women who didn’t encapsulate their placenta for their first birth but have done so for...
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The importance of support | the fourth trimester

By Bree Taylor Molyneaux As a mum of nearly six years, one of the biggest underestimations that many new parents make when expecting their first baby, is the post birth recovery period which is also known as the fourth trimester. The fourth trimester is based on the concept that after 37-42 weeks of gestation in the womb, a baby needs time to adjust to life on the outside and that this can take two to three months. During this time it is useful to ease baby into their new life, which sudd...
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More than just a birth preparation course…HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing in Brisbane, for a positive birth experience
Some may argue that the time and money new parents spend investing on birth preparation courses would be better spent on parenting classes. The birth is after all, a one-off event whereas parenting is life long. But what if a childbirth education course could also equip you with life skills that you could apply well beyond the birth suite? What if the philosophy and principles behind this course could be utilised at any stage in your life? Many HypnoBirthing parents tell me how they are using t...
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Tips for new mums – from a 4th Time mum

“If I could turn back time” and transport myself back to meet my first time mum self many years ago, I would tell myself the following: 1) You’re doing OK In fact you’re doing more than OK, you’re doing bloody brilliantly, you have a happy, healthy thriving baby boy! go you! WELL DONE!!! 2) You don’t need to be on a diet Give yourself a break – you’ve just had a baby – there are better things to worry about! in fact in 10yrs time you’ll be wishing for the body you have right no...
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Post Natal Recovery – Some Herbal Options

The profound personal and physical transformations of pregnancy and birth can leave a woman feeling both depleted and exhilarated at the same time. Recent studies suggest that around half of new mothers find the level of support and guidance from health professionals after birth is inadequate. In fact less than a quarter of new mothers who do experience negative changes in their health actually seek assistance. Part of living a holistic lifestyle, is understanding how holistic...
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