More than just a birth preparation course…HypnoBirthing

More than just a birth preparation course…HypnoBirthing

Some may argue that the time and money new parents spend investing on birth preparation courses would be better spent on parenting classes. The birth is after all, a one-off event whereas parenting is life long. But what if a childbirth education course could also equip you with life skills that you could apply well beyond the birth suite? What if the philosophy and principles behind this course could be utilised at any stage in your life?

Many HypnoBirthing parents tell me how they are using their HypnoBirthing techniques post birth. HypnoBirthing isn’t a wham bam thank you mam course, over and done with in a day. It’s a well thought-out 5 week program that subtly changes or reinforces a mind-set. It’s this mind-set along with practical techniques that come in handy when dealing with difficult situations and let’s face it; newborns and toddlers can indeed be difficult at times.

One couple had their newborn admitted to NICU after a positive HypnoBirthing experience. They remained calm and used the communication strategies taught to them during their classes to communicate with their baby’s doctors in order to make informed decisions during what was an intensely, stressful time. After 3 days in NICU, the family was able to return home and used many of the HypnoBirthing pre-natal bonding suggestions in the post-natal period to ease this transition and begin their bonding time as a family.

Another new mum told me how she was using the breathing techniques she’d learned in classes to help relax during breastfeeding to stimulate her let down reflex faster. ‘If I find myself thinking about what I need to do or negotiating with my toddler while I’m trying to feed the baby, my let-down takes longer and the bub becomes fussy. So I just breathe deeply and visualise the milk flowing and the let-down comes straight away”.

First-time mum Kate also reported “I found the HypnoBirthing techniques/learnings helpful for after birth too, from getting back to sleep after night feeds in the beginning or just handling those stressful times better.” She also credits HypnoBirthing for her bub being so calm, happy and well-adjusted.

From my own experience as a mum to a 4 year old and a 7 month old who is currently waking at 4 am, when life is challenging and I’m in the throws of prolonged sleep deprivation, I return to the teachings of my HypnoBirthing course and see what I can apply to improve my situation.

In my case, I remembered that during pregnancy I had spent at least 20 minutes every day in relaxation as well as deep breathing as often as possible. So it’s not surprising really, that 7 months down the track with an extra tiny human to look after I’ve forgotten in my haze and sleep deprived state to care for my relaxation and state of mind.

This is where using the techniques and philosophy of HypnoBirthing has been a practical application beyond the birth. Practicing deep breathing when I’ve been asked for something for the umpteenth time means I respond more calmly than snapping with a frazzled over-tired, over-wired brain. Incorporating even 10 minutes of relaxation into my day makes me feel less tired, more energised and more connected to the world and my children around me, and when I feel more connected I enjoy just ‘being’ with my children.

So yes, HypnoBirthing is more than just a birth preparation course. It’s a course that provides you with a real skill set you can apply in most real world situations. It encourages a positive state of mind for mums and their birth companions, which can most definitely be carried into parenthood.  Without any shadow of a doubt, a positive perspective when parenting makes every little thing that much easier to deal with.

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10 reasons HypnoBirthing International is the best quality hypnobirthing course in Australia

10 reasons HypnoBirthing International is the best quality hypnobirthing course in Australia

HypnoBirthing International gets the thumbs up from Australian families as the BEST HypnoBirthing and premium childbirth program on offer.

When choosing an antenatal class for the birth of your baby, you want to be sure that you are getting the very best in education and preparation. The HypnoBirthing International (Mongan Method) program here in Australia offers a professional and comprehensive program that meets Australian Educational Standards and continually adapts to reflect the Australian Maternity Models of Care.

We understand that it is a little confusing now as there are other ‘hypnobirthing’ programs available, claiming that they are the HypnoBirthing Australian version, and we’ve had many emails from confused parents asking the difference. So here is the answer to the question so many are asking. Like in any industry, when a product or service is so successful, people copy it, then ride on the coat tails of that success. Flattering actually, but that’s the bottom line. We believe it is unethical to copy someones work, pretend it is yours and mislead the public with clever marketing campaigns.

Here’s the difference and 10 Reasons Why the HypnoBirthing International Program still continues to be the best:

1. Australian Midwives love HypnoBirthing and are choosing HypnoBirthing International (the Mongan Method) over the other available programs!

Australian midwives prefer the HypnoBirthing International program over other available programs because they are at the forefront of birth and see the positive outcomes from HypnoBirthing and the huge difference it is making for birthing couples. Hundreds of midwives have been attending our 1 Day Workshops running in each state of Australia, on how to properly support a HypnoBirthing mother and their feedback shows their overwhelming support for our premium program. We boast that nearly half of our practitioner base in Australia now are midwives.

2. The HypnoBirthing International program is evidence based and recommended by Australian hospitals, obstetricians, midwives and health professionals!

This is important, as you can take confidence from the results and that the HypnoBirthing International program is the only researched and evidenced based HypnoBirthing program in Australia and worldwide. The program is running in 5 Australian hospitals, with more hospitals starting up programs, because of the significant reductions in the need for chemical inductions, pain medications, c-sections and epidurals . HypnoBirthing mothers have a shorter labour by an average of 3 hours for first time mums.

Practitioners hold the Gold Seal. The only HypnoBirthing Practitioners affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute. The ONLY Internationally recognised certification.
Certified Practitioners display this Gold Seal which shows they are certified and affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute. The ONLY Internationally recognised HypnoBirthing Qualification. Look for the capital B in HypnoBirthing!

3. Our Practitioners Go Through Extensive Face to Face Training to Ensure You Get the Very Best Childbirth Educators.

We have 160 highly experienced trained Gold Seal Practitioners in Australia!
All of our practitioners go through an extensive face to face training program, and complete just over 100 hours of study and assessments to gain their certification. All practitioners are trained by the HypnoBirthing Institutes Faculty, and are required to re-certify each year.

None of our training takes place online, as we believe face to face training is imperative for a practitioner to be able to confidently deliver the program successfully to each couple. We have practitioners Australia wide, so we will be able to work with you.  That’s what is unique about our program and assures you the highest quality and professionalism in practitioner.

4. Parents Benefit More from the HypnoBirthing International 5 Session Program Format!

When you book into a HypnoBirthing International course, you can be sure that you will receive the full program in its set format. Run over 5 weeks, the program takes a couple through the process of eliminating previous programming, educating with up to date, relevant information on birth, as well as all the techniques to fill your cup with confidence  and techniques, and empower both you and your partner to have a more positive experience, whatever turn your birthing takes. All of our Gold Seal Practitioners follow this format because after 26 years of running it, we know it works. We have flexibility for couples with special circumstances, but we won’t be offering you a weekend crash course to line our pockets with some extra cash, as there is way too much learning in this comprehensive program to really be absorbed over a weekend . Our focus is on you going through this transformative program and being prepared completely. We know you are busy, but we also know you want a quality program that is going to get you the results you are looking for.

5. You receive much more than a 5 week course – Ongoing Support is the key to success.

When you book into our course you won’t be waved goodbye and good luck at the end of the 5 sessions, as each of our practitioners gives you an ongoing continuity of care, which means you will have continued support up until the birth, and post-natally. We want to ensure that you have understood and adapted all of the techniques, and have support for any circumstances that may arise. This level of nurturing and care, is something you won’t get from an online course, or other courses. We pride ourselves in a more personal approach to support parents through this wonderful experience of pregnancy and birth, and helps you settle into that delicate time after birth feeling supported.

6. Enjoy Our New Syllabus, HypnoBirthing Book and Resources!

Our program is continuously being updated and improved to ensure that you are receiving the most up to date information from research and models of care. Every HypnoBirthing International couple worldwide receive the New 4th Edition HypnoBirthing Book, Rainbow Relaxation MP3, Birth Rehearsal CD, handouts and gifts, and you become part of a larger birthing community enjoying continuous support and information. All our resources are modern and the new training syllabus that was released in January 2016 reflects the latest in research and Australian Maternity Models of Care. In Australia, we teach from the Australian syllabus. As the program is in 46 countries, we can also offer the materials in other languages, so if English is not your native language, let us know.

7. We teach couples techniques to support for whatever turn the birthing takes!

We educate and prepare you for a positive birth experience. Birth is unpredictable, and we give you tools and techniques to be prepared for any scenario in birth, so that you can make the best decisions and lead the birth down a road that is not intervened unnecessarily. If you are required to have a caesarean, our course is still relevant to you, and we have lots of resources and materials to support you for any special circumstance. In the HypnoBirthing International program, you will learn about all your options. We support couples wherever they choose to birth, and however they choose to birth. 

8. We have Mp3 Relaxations & Products for Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatally & an Australian Distribution Centre!

We have a wide range of hypnosis tracks and products available for our parents, so you can be sure you have the resources to support you right through to parenthood. Should your birthing take a turn, and you require a c-section, there are mp3’s available specific to ensure you have the most positive mindset and preparation. Our MP3’s are available in Australian accents, but are available in other accents and languages if you’d prefer.  Our new Australian Distribution Centre has just opened, so you can now buy our products directly from Australia, saving you money, with no waiting!

9. A network of birth professionals Australia wide to support you.

HypnoBirthing International in Australia have a large network and strong relationship with other health professionals. We have our‘Supportive Providers Directory‘, where our families have access to hundreds of other services for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Our practitioners are linked to that network, so we can ensure you get the best of care whatever your needs. Many of our practitioners are facilitators for the positive birth movement, so are regularly connecting with like minded professionals and families. We have a large team running the Australian division of HypnoBirthing International. Our 12 Steering Committee members consists of midwives, hypnotherapists, naturopath, nutritionist, specialised prenatal yoga instructors, reiki master and sleep expert with many years of combined experience, and are actively involved working with progressive groups in Australia to advocate for birth choices.

10. Don’t just take our word for it – Read what thousands of Australian families have experienced and why they love and promote HypnoBirthing International!

As quoted in recent media, the HypnoBirthing International program is now reaching in excess of 5000 couples per year! That’s a lot of HypnoBirthing Babies out there! You can read many of their birth stories and hundreds of testimonials on our website and find out for yourself just how powerful this program is for a positive birth! Hear from the Dad’s / Partners too, as this course is changing the birth experience for partners and giving them a really important role to play in the birth of their child. Many of our parents go on to do their practitioner training to spread this message of calm and empowered birth, which is one of the greatest compliments one can give! HypnoBirthing International features in the media in Australia and Internationally regularly.

If you want to learn more about the program, jump into the website and the‘Getting Started’ section to learn how HypnoBirthing can help you and your partner prepare.

Or read more about our practitioners in Brisbane here.


Make the best choice for your family by making sure your practitioner has the Gold Seal so you know are getting the very BEST in HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education, and not being mislead by one of the copy-cat programs.

This article was originally posted on the HypnoBirthing International website 2016. Shared with permission.

WORLD HypnoBirthing day celebrations

WORLD HypnoBirthing day celebrations

Mums who have birthed using HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method gathered in many cities and  towns of Australia today.

The celebrations follows on 25 years after Marie Mongan founded HypnoBirthing, and goes to the credibility of HypnoBirthing International’s worldwide program.

Brisbane HypnoBirthing Committee members Bree Taylor Molyneaux and Trish Cumming joined the celebration this morning over rainbow cake with local Brisbane HypnoBirthing Practitioner Carla Morgan and some local families.

Celebration rainbow cake | 25 years of HypnoBirthing on World HypnoBirthing Day
WORLD HypnoBirthing day is celebrated with rainbow cake in Brisbane

Bree said “It is an inspiration to us all that the vision of one woman (Marie Mongan) twenty five years ago is what continues to guide the passion of our teachings of HypnoBirthing. The continual realisation of that dream, that every woman everywhere, can have a birth that was safe and comfortable, is what we are here celebrating today.”

Brisbane HypnoBirithing Practitioners | Trish Cumming, Carla Morgan, Bree Taylor
Brisbane HypnoBirthing Practitioners | Trish Cumming, Carla Morgan, Bree Taylor Molyneaux

The celebrations will continue around the world today and tonight by hundreds of HypnoBirthing International practitioners, with many rainbow cakes expected to be enjoyed in the name of gentle, calm birth.



The Unexpectedly Calm Birth of Macy

The Unexpectedly Calm Birth of Macy

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Macy on Sunday and she is a dream!

While I really, really wanted to believe in the idea of a somewhat bearable labour with minimal pain prior to the birth I was somewhat skeptical. I remember telling my HypnoBirthing practitioner that my two goals of this labour were to not feel like I wanted to die and not vomit continuously..!

Well, not only did I achieve both of those goals, but I also actually enjoyed parts of my labour!!!

While I was pretty relaxed with my practice, in the last few weeks I practised my breathing daily and listened the the affirmations. I also went to sleep listening to the rainbow relaxation each night.

My labour was a lot longer than it was with my first daughter (Ella) which was 24 hours in comparison to 12 hrs. However because I was calm during the early and mid stages, I was able to stay focused and it was relatively easy to manage.

Just the simple act of ‘breathing’ did wonders and I finally understood what people were saying when they say after the birth you just want to do it again – because that’s exactly how I felt. It’s incredible what birth is supposed to be like when we trust our bodies and our hormones work for us, rather than against. It was a completely different birthing experience this time around, despite it being double the length.

I must admit, HypnoBirthing did go out the window a bit when I was about to push – and there definitely was no ‘breathing’ my baby out – but even that act of vocalising was my way of letting go and signalling the end of the birth with a bang – and it wasn’t all that bad.

I also don’t know if it is because of the birth (and pregnancy), or just coincidence, but Macy is a much, much calmer baby than our first child Ella was. She is incredibly easy going and happy.

I’ll definitely recommend HypnoBirthing (and our fabulous practitioner) to all other pregnant mummies. It is worth every cent!


Fast second birth – baby came at home with HypnoBirthing!

Fast second birth – baby came at home with HypnoBirthing!

We just wanted to say a big thanks to our practitioner Bree for taking the time to see me a few weeks ago (just before the birth of our son), the HypnoBirthing breathing helped me immensely.

It turns out I had no time to get to the hospital – labour started at 2.30am and while I was in contact with the hospital at 3.30am and 4.30am they kept saying give it another hour…..

I had no idea that I was so progressed as my breathing exercises had things totally under control as I paced around the house. Then all of a sudden as we thought to make a move to the hospital, things accelerated within minutes and I breathed my son out without so much as a single push in the position we spoke about!

It was the best birth experience by far.  We were released and home from the hospital (after the ambulance took us there soon after the birth) by 3pm the same day.

I only wish we had known what we know now when my first son was born, I would have gone drug free without hesitation.

– Rachel.


Beautiful HypnoBirthing waterbirth of Natasha – Feb 2013

Beautiful HypnoBirthing waterbirth of Natasha – Feb 2013

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our baby girl Natasha Jayde weighing in at 9 pounds by a beautiful, vaginal water birth!

Labour was 9 hours and we were able to use the skills we acquired from HypnoBirthing to stay in control and have the birth that we planned. We were also very blessed to have a midwife & OB that supported and respected our choices.

Natasha was sitting on the perineum for 70 minutes (we were told later that many other OB’s and midwives would not have let her sit there for so long) but because we were in total control of our labour we were left to continue breathing her out.

We were the talk of the hospital amongst the midwives as they spoke about how calm Natasha’s birth was and that we birth ed a 9 pound baby with no problems and did not require any stitches.

Hypnobirthing baby Natasha, waterbirth | Pregnant Possibilities

We are very proud of giving Natasha a calm entry into this world and thank you for providing us with the tools and skills to do this.

We also would like to recommend our OB (Dr Kylie Issacs) & hospital (Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim) to any parents-to-be wishing to use HypnoBirthing as our experience was fantastic.

– Ben and Liz

Positive birth education and preparation is the key

Positive birth education and preparation is the key

Calm, confident and excited to birth my baby!

It was very important to us that our baby is birthed in a way that makes the transition for them as easy as possible.

The HypnoBirthing course has given me not only the tools needed to help me stay calm and relaxed throughout our baby’s birth, but it has also given both of us the confidence to know when to ask hospital staff the right questions, in order to assess whether a particular step or intervention is absolutely necessary.

Now that John and I have completed your HypnoBirthing course, I feel totally confident in my ability to be able to birth calmly and naturally, and to completely trust my body. After each session we I would leave feeling so positive and happy. The simple thing of being around like-minded people, learning about positive birthing experiences and being able to totally remove all the negative association there is with birthing, has been invaluable to both of us.

Now, instead of being excited but a little bit scared and nervous about labour, I just have a feeling of total excitement and am really looking forward birthing our beautiful little baby.

– Candice and John 

Planning for the birth we want

(Following the HypnoBirthing course) I feel as though I have much more control over my how I see my birth.

Prior to the course I didn’t have a plan and wouldn’t have known where to start when making one. I love that I have now provided my obstetrician with our preferences and have had a chance to talk through this with him and ask questions.

My partner has also gained a lot by participating and feels she has a significant role in our birthing process. Thanks Bree.

– Deb and Amanda

Side lying


Confidence and positive preparation is the key

The HypnoBirthing course gave my husband and I the understanding of how birth could proceed in a gentle and natural way and hence the confidence to question and discuss the issues that we felt were important to us with our obstetrician.

We are very confident that things will go well, preparation is the key and we feel that we have done everything we can.

– Kathy and Tristan (read their birth story here)


The delightful birth of Felix – May 2013

The delightful birth of Felix – May 2013

I was nervous about being induced, as my escalated blood pressure came so unexpected after a very straightforward pregnancy. Nevertheless, with our HypnoBirthing teachings, lots of practice and the support of our practitioner Bree, we were able to achieve the natural and drug-free birth that we desired for our little boy (apart from the necessary induction hormone).

The birth of Felix was a delight and I spent a lot of my time in labour feeling either calm, relaxed, excited, or crying with complete joy that I was giving birth to our son. I found the HypnoBirthing affirmations to be the most helpful thing, and I laboured a lot with my headphones on, switching between the affirmations and Van Morrison! Time was a complete blur, and to be honest, I actually still have no idea exactly how long I was in labour for, but I believe that it was around 15 hours, with around 1-2 of those breathing Felix down and out.

Being in a midwifery program they were cautious about their induction methods and respected my wishes to work my way up to the drip. So it started with a sweep, then some cervical tape which worked extremely quickly and was pulled out to allow my body to labour naturally for as long as possible, then my membranes were ruptured, then I was placed on the drip as a last resort. Ben and I were able to remain calm and focused at each step, asking just the right questions which made us feel on top of everything before proceeding.

Natural birth with HypnoBirthing. Pregnant Possibilities

The midwives were amazed at how calm I was throughout the whole labour, and constantly made comments like, “you’re a powerhouse!”. In fact, when I felt Felix ready to be birthed, I said to the midwife, “he’s coming now!”, to which she replied, “no honey, I don’t think he is – don’t push or anything yet because you won’t be ready”. On the next surge, I said it again, so she decided to check me, turned to Ben in amazement and said, “she’s right, you know – she’s fully open! Chelsea, you just do what you need to do.”

I breathed Felix down until the last two surges, when the midwife told me that his heart rate had dropped and she wanted me to push. I did this for two surges, and there he was on my chest, all warm and sticky. He took to my breast in about five minutes.

We can’t thank our practitioner enough – what we learnt truly helped me to accomplish something I didn’t think was possible, and for that I will always be grateful.

Felix James was born on our wedding anniversary at 12:17am. He was 7 lb 5 oz and 50cm long. He is a delight.

– Chelsea and Ben

The beautiful, positive birth of Nate – Jan 2013

The beautiful, positive birth of Nate – Jan 2013

I have always wanted to be a mom and I always thought I would enjoy being pregnant; it was going from point A to B that terrified me. I started researching how I was going to overcome my fear even before my husband and I became pregnant. My research kept leading me back to HypnoBirthing, the principles resonated with me and I knew this was how I was going to achieve my goal of having a natural and calm birth. I came across a HypnoBirthing website months before we were expecting and bookmarked it.

April 2012 brought the joyous news that we were expecting our first child and around 12 weeks I searched through my bookmarks and booked in for a class.

I diligently practiced the guided mediation and listened to the affirmations on my hour commute to work. I practiced my breathing techniques faithfully and with each week that passed I become more and more confident that my husband and I were going to be able to bring our little man into the world with a calm and natural birth. Our practitioner furthered our confidence with her approachability and her ability to answer questions honestly.

After our first session involved a discussion about doulas (an ancient tradition supporting women during birth) and we choose one for ourselves who was also amazing, fully supporting everything HypnoBirthing was teaching us and building on it.

I knew HypnoBirthing was going to help me in labour what I did not expect was how it was going to help me through pregnancy. I was calm and did not worry about much while I was pregnant. The affirmations helped me to trust my body all the way through. I was present through out my pregnancy, kind to myself; I allowed any emotions I felt negative or positive to flow over me. I attribute this to HypnoBirthing’s teachings.

This brings us to the wee hours of the 25th of January 2013. The day my husband and I saw our little man into this world. I was restless and could not sleep. I was determined to visualise the start of my labour. I was eight days past my due date and really did not want to face another day of the summer heat pregnant. Positioning myself over a stack of pillows, tummy down, in bed and slowly rolling my hips I spoke to my little man telling him I was ready – it was time! He agreed, at 4:00am my water broke and I was overwhelmed with joy – finally I was going to meet my baby boy.

With my HypnoBirthing practice under my belt, the confidence to trust my instincts and with the support of my doula I laboured at home until 11:30 that morning. It was at that point, even though the numbers did not indicate a move to the hospital was warranted, I trusted my instincts; my husband and I packed up and off we went.

Our Doula Cheryl was there waiting for us and excited about what the day would bring. I was assessed at 1:30 pm and one of my biggest fears came true. I was not in active labour. I would find out later, I was only 2 cm dilated. I remember thinking “well that was smooth Lynn, you miss read this and now you are in the position you didn’t want to be in.” As it turns out this was my head talking not my heart and my instincts to go to the hospital were correct.

Due to the distance between home and the hospital we stayed and went up to the early labour ward. Hanging onto positive attitudes we settled in, got the music and affirmations going. My surges became intense and one on top of another. But I trusted my body and my little man. There is no way on earth I would have stayed calm and breathing (as best I could) without the practice. I said affirmations out loud just to keep my focus. My surges were very productive and I was able to go into a trance loosing all concept of time because before I knew it my little man was almost on the scene.

I started to say that he was here – the midwife wanted to reposition me to have a cervical exam – there was no way I was changing positions; it went against everything my body was telling me to do. I remember her saying we will do it between contractions. LOL – there was no “in between contractions.” Thank goodness when she had a look at the situation she agreed it was time to go to birth suite, NOW!

Everyone encouraging me to breath through and not push as we moved from the bed, to a wheelchair, to the elevator, to the birth suite and back up on the bed. I did the best I could – my loving husband tells me our beautiful boy was on the scene within 10 minutes of getting to the birth suite. At 4:10 in the afternoon on the 25th of January our little man was born.

He was perfect in everyway! I had achieved the birth I wanted – no medical intervention and no medication – our little man was alert and ready to nurse within an hour of being born. It was a journey I will never forget. One of the most profound experiences of my life and one I will cherish forever. I am my worst critic, as we all are, but in this case I am very proud of my supportive husband and myself. If I could have shouted it off a mountain, I would have.

image of Brisbane HypnoBirthing parents Lynn and Aaron

The HypnoBirthing course really empowered us to achieve our goal. The experience showed us the path to the most beautiful, positive birth and for that thank you just does not seem enough.

I highly recommend doing a HypnoBirthing course to anyone who has a goal of achieving a calm and natural birth.

– Lynn, Aaron and little Nate, born January 2013

Birthing confidently is a mindset

Birthing confidently is a mindset

Having thought that I was already quite clear about my birth preferences but flexible to necessary changes,  the preparation we did helped me understand the importance of thinking about my plan in more detail, raising points I had not thought about.

HypnoBirthing helped me feel much more positive and decisive about going ahead with a natural birth with my baby being in a breech presentation. The techniques and a fear release hypnosis have improved my confidence and lessened my fears.

I now understand how embarking on and having a successful natural birth is dependent on your state of mind and have learned techniques that will help me with any unexpected changes.

– Michelle

More trust in my body

I now feel confident in my ability to have a calm birth but more importantly to trust my body & my baby to know what to do.

I look forward to going in to labour & getting to meet our baby girl when she is ready.

– Jade

More positive and clear on dads role (Second birth)

We feel very confident and empowered to have a natural and easy birth. The course has been especially helpful for my birth companion, as he has learned so many things about coaching me in every stage, so I can totally let go and go into myself to birth our baby.

Before doing the HypnoBirthing class I actually felt pretty anxious about the birth despite having had a good birth the first time. The course has helped us reconnect as a couple and get into the right mindset for birth again. Thank you so much!

– Mandy & Clay