The Birth of Marley – September 2012

The Birth of Marley – September 2012

We are so lucky to have little Marley Iris who was born on the 7th of September.

I was 5 days past my due date.The weekend before I was trying everything to bring her on, but she wasn’t ready. The day before she came I told myself that she will come when she is ready and to enjoy the last few days without nappies and no sleep! So it seemed as soon as I relaxed, she decided to come.

I woke up on the Thursday with small pains and thought that that could be the start of it all but didn’t know.  I just relaxed all day & the pains were on and off.By 6pm that night they were getting more full on & I told hubby that tonight we might have some action.

By 8pm I told him to have a sleep and I was just going to have a shower & go to bed myself.  He was in the lounge room on the mattress & fell asleep. After the shower they were getting stronger so I called the hospital & they said to just have some Panadol & try to sleep. Well I wasn’t able to sleep, but I felt calm, was in my own zone & was managing fine. I was just walking the hallway & breathing into the surges, feeling like I was in control.

By 11:30pm hubby woke up & thought that I was in pain.  He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital & I said no.I was able to breathe into the surges & felt that I could do it on my own at home for longer. But then I all of a sudden did a huge spew & hubby freaked out and called the hospital again – and she said we had better come in.

Luckily we did, as soon as we walked into the Birth Centre, my waters broke! This was about 1:00am. I was 4cms and the surges were more intense now but I still felt very calm & excited that I was going to meet my baby.

By 3 ish I was fully dilated & felt like pushing & by 4:30am I was full on pushing with every surge. I was in the bath, shower, toilet, bed, ball on the floor, back to the bath.  I really wanted to have a water birth do a lot of the time I was in the bath.But I couldn’t get her out!!

We kept moving positions to see if that would work but it was like my surges only lasted long enough for me to do 2 big pushes when I needed 3 to get her head out. By 7am the midwife had no choice but to transfer me to the birth suite as I had been pushing for almost 3hrs  (they usually only like you to push for 2hrs in the birth centre). I was very unhappy about this as I really wanted my water birth, but I was getting exhausted & they had to follow procedure.

It was such a different situation in the birth suite, going from calm & quiet with only hubby, the midwife to a bright “hospital room” with a number of doctors and nurses.

They put monitors on me to check baby. She was fine so I kept pushing for a bit longer.When I had been pushing for 4 hours they started to talk about a c-section.  I was so against that & I knew I could do it without ANY drugs.I was determined to get her out of me, I knew I could do it as I had already come so far & she was right there!!

By 9;30am the doctor said that I needed help with getting her out and they suggested the ventouse suction cap. I really didn’t want this – but sort felt I had no choice as I was extremely exhausted & I just couldn’t seem to get her out.

I was given a local & a small cut, they suctioned the head out in one surge & with a second big push, out she came! After almost 6 hours of pushing, Marley was born at 10:05am, 8 pound 6 (3.8kgs) and no Drugs at all!

I was so excited to meet my baby & over the moon that she was a healthy little girl. I was so proud of myself for being able to birth her with-out drugs and with confidence that I could do it!

Thank you Bree for the HypnoBirthing course, it really did teach me so much. It gave me the confidence to take on the birth, no matter what situation or outcome my birth took. I went into my birth not knowing what to expect but at the same time, trusting my body & knowing that I could do it so thank you!

I am so glad that I did your course, I would hate to think of how my birth would have been if I wasn’t as prepared with the knowledge I learned from HypnoBirthing.

–  Grace and Jaicob

The smooth, quick hypnobirth of Olivia – July 2012

The smooth, quick hypnobirth of Olivia – July 2012

I am now the proud mother of Olivia – a gorgeous 3 1/2 month old. Olivia was born at 4.45am weighing 2.75kg so just a little bubba and I am proud to say we had a natural labour from start to end!

My obstetrician started talking about sweeping my membranes at 36 weeks but we managed to keep putting him off. The friday before Olivia was born, I think my membranes gradually leaked throughout the day so I wasn’t 100% sure that my waters had broken but I thought something might be happening.

That night, I started to get some light, sporadic contractions but we went about our night as normal as possible. I had a bath, dinner and an early night. The contractions became a bit more intense as the night wore on and at 2am we called the hospital. They said to make our way in when we were ready. I had another lie down and managed to sleep for another hour using my relaxation techniques.

At 3am, as the contractions were getting more intense, we headed in to the hospital. We arrived at 3.30am, with my contractions about 4 minutes apart and Simon prompting me to breathe through them! Simon was great and let the midwife know from the start that we wanted to have a natural birth. She was pretty good about it, although she did offer me the gas a couple of times, which I politely declined!

They placed the fetal monitor on my tummy but as I was keen to walk around, they only ran a short transcript, happy that everything was okay with the baby. The midwife ran me a bath but before I got the chance to get in, I told her “I’m pretty sure the baby is coming.” They didn’t believe me but I insisted and so the midwife wanted to check how dilated I was. So the first time anyone checked – my cervix was 8cm dilated! Finally they believed me that the baby was coming!

I hadn’t spent much time on my back and I knew this wasn’t the position I would birth in so I stayed on the bed but on all fours, it just felt natural.  Olivia was born at 4.45am – just over an hour since we got to the hospital. I didn’t even need to contemplate taking any drugs: in the moment, I just knew I could do it.

She was born so alert and now she is such a happy, thriving baby. I feel very proud to know that I gave her the best start to life.

Thank-you again for your help. The HypnoBirthing classes really helped me believe that I could have a natural birth and not to be scared of the labour and the relaxation and breathing techniques really worked.

The classes also help Simon go from someone who was afraid of hospitals and wanting me to take whatever I could to stop the pain to such an amazing birth partner who agreed with all my decisions and was such a support on the day. I would definitely recommend HypnoBirthing to others – it worked more than I thought it would.

– Carla

The Birth Of Bailey William – September 2012

The Birth Of Bailey William – September 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed little Bailey William into the world on Thursday, coincidentally, our Wedding Anniversary.

Tanya was amazing – she is my hero. [Note: Tanya was induced due to concerns related to Gestational Diabetes] I dropped her off at hospital on 9.00pm the night before and they inserted the prostoglandin. Tanya’s waters broke the next morning at around 6.30am.

Our OB came in at 7.30am and whilst he didn’t need to break the waters, he wanted the syntocin drip in which was started around 8.30am. By 9.30am Tanya was 2cm dilated. The syntocin drip was increased and by 11.30am, Tanya was 10cm dilated.

All throughout, we used the HypnoBirthing techniques. Tanya basically remained in a state of half awareness, using a low dose of gas each contraction and a low dose of pethadine at around 9.30am just to take the edge off the contractions. At 12.30, active pushing began. At this point it was difficult to incorporate the HypnoBirthing techniques as it contradicts to much with active pushing encouraged by the hospital.

By 1.30pm, the baby wasn’t progressing enough and his heart rate was starting to rise so the decision to call the OB was made (Tanya’s pelvic floor was just too tight to allow the baby’s head through without allowing more time). He performed an episiotomy and used a ventouse to pull the baby out. It took three contractions and the OB literally leaning back to pull the baby out.

At 2.25pm, little Bailey was placed on Tanya’s chest for a couple of seconds. He was unresponsive and white. The next 10 minutes or so are an adrenalin-hazed blur for me with Bailey was taken out to the resuss station and given oxygen. We’d picked one boy’s name and one girl’s name and decided to wait till the birth to see if the name matched the baby. I knew instantly that this was little Bailey. He coloured up quickly (and pee’ed all over himself) and was taken into the special care nursery. I’m not even going to attempt to describe the feeling – there are no words.

His oxygen saturation levels improved till he was taken out of the Humidicrib late that evening and Tanya and I got our first hold and Tanya her first feed. His sugar levels were fine from the outset but they insisted on keeping him in special care and supplementing with formula (we bought goats milk formula with us just in case). The nurses in special care were nothing short of amazing (I know, I’m using that word a lot). They spent as much time with us as we needed to learn how to feed, how to change, how to look after Bailey. The Paediatrician we had was a bit old school and we really had to push the point to get back in and breastfeed Bailey which ultimately meant he came out of special care one day early and we got him in our room for a night before taking him home.

Since bringing him home, he’s been sleeping well, feeding well and we’re learning his signals and how to not over-stimulate him, etc. He’s the most gorgeous little baby, everyone that has met him so far just swoons 🙂

Even thought much of the birth didn’t proceed the exact way of our birth plan, we found the HypnoBirthing techniques to be nothing less than critical to the labour process. Tanya amazed both the midwife (who was an absolute angel who we could not think of anyone better to help us through) and our OB by her labour.

The midwife found it extraordinary that Tanya said about three words, the entire labour. She just went inside herself and worked with her body. This was in contrast to the woman I heard screaming her lungs out a few nights later while I was nursing Bailey. Likewise, in contrast to the woman who went through basically the same induction and issues that Tanya did, however she laboured till 10.30pm that night and then had a c-section, resulting with mum in a wheelchair, with an infection and her baby in special care even after Bailey was discharged.

Our OB was very respectful of our wishes, although if we were the type to be even remotely ok with a c-section, I’m sure he would have rathered do that, but he did everything in his power to ensure it was a vaginal birth. He kept us informed of what was happening, what he was doing and asked permission every step of the way including when he had to cut the chord as it was wrapped around the baby’s neck. Even though it wasn’t on the birth plan, he even gave me the honour of announcing the sex.

So thank you so much for helping us on this journey we’ve started. We can honestly say the experience would have been far less fulfilling and possibly with a worse outcome without your help. Keep doing what you do and help as many people as you can.

– Gavin & Tanya

Positive education has opened our minds

Positive education has opened our minds

We now believe a relaxed wonderful birth is possible

I never entertained the idea that my birthing experience would be something to look forward and a memorable experience, I just thought it would be “the worst pain ever” but that I would get through it because of the wonderful reward at the end.

Now (thanks to HypnoBirthing) I know it doesn’t have to be this way and am looking forward to bringing my baby into this world. I know now that this can be a calm, relaxed, wonderful experience.

– Carla

Positive empowering birth education

Thank you Bree for this amazing course, it has really opened our minds to how birth can be a relaxing, positive experience – not a scary, traumatic experience like we constantly hear stories about!

We have both learned so much & we both now feel positive and not scared about the birth. This is how birthing should be and everyone  expecting their 1st baby should do this course & learn about the proper/natural way to birth their baby!

– Grace

Education and choice has empowered us

Before starting the HypnoBirthing course, my husband and I thought the biggest decision we needed to make was choosing our OB and hospital. The course and especially Bree’s expertise in this area opened our eyes to the choices we had available to us.

The information and knowledge we have gained throughout the course has empowered us to understand the active role we can now take in the process of our pregnancy and most importantly – how we will birth our first child.

We now feel more informed and therefore, more confident that we will have the birth we would both like.

– Shanyn and Lee


Dad is now educated and engaged in the birth

Dad is now educated and engaged in the birth

We gained confidence, calm and understanding

I feel much calmer and confident after the HypnoBirthing course. It has given me something practical and tangible to practise and focus on to help me achieve the natural, calm birth I would like.

Most importantly it has helped my husband understand how important his role is and how he can actually be involved, help and support me. His confidence has increased, he understands why certain choices are very important to the baby and I now and I have confidence in him.

The birth plan has become not just my decisions but our decisions. It means I feel I can relax and focus on birthing and he will be there to fully support us.

– Lyndell

An enriching course providing preparation for myself and hubby

I commenced the course in my last trimester, feeling like I had not undertaken sufficient preparation for the process of birthing as I had done very little research. All I knew when I started (based on a friend’s experience and lending me her book) was that HypnoBirthing espoused the philosophy that birth is natural, that a woman’s body is designed to do just that, and that what it would take is getting oneself ‘out of the way’ to let nature do its thing.

I commenced the course from that standpoint and knowing very little else except that it was possible from other people’s stories to have a completely natural and drama-less birth. What I learnt in the HypnoBirthing course was much more than I expected. I expected to be taught the techniques to be able to have a drug-less and pain free birth – I got that.

But what was unexpected and of significant value to me was the inclusion of my husband in the process and learning the practical ways in which my husband could participate and be part of the entire process. Learning together with my husband what we value and therefore what we want for ourselves and our baby to ensure a healthy and relaxed birthing for all concerned and the ability for us both to own the process. I found it very practical and very empowering.

My husband got so much value in his day to day life from incorporating breathing techniques into his exercise routine. We have also learnt about each other, discovering we actually share the same values and have the same approach and desires for the birthing process. It was an entirely enriching and valuable course.

– Tama

Drug free HypnoBirth of Ethan, March 2012

Drug free HypnoBirth of Ethan, March 2012

Just thought I would let you know we welcomed a baby boy into the world.  Ethan Alexander.

My waters broke on Wed at 4pm and they were clear so we rang the hospital to let them know and waited it out for a little bit but had no contractions or movements so went up to the hospital just to get checked out.  All was fine so came home again and went to bed.

Spent Thursday doing normal duties besides getting a check up again at the hospital which was all good.  Thursday night/Friday morning I got a couple of random contractions.

Off we went back to the hospital Friday for another check up and they gave me my options.  They spoke mostly about the risk of infection at this stage..  We decided that we would go down the path of Syntocin to help bring on my contractions and boy did it.  I was given the Syntocin at 2pm and we ended up having to slow the contractions down a bit as I was losing focus.

I unfortunately had to be pretty restricted near the bed because of the monitoring (with the antibiotics and Syntocin) but that wasn’t so bad.  We put off any internal examinations until around 10pm and I was 9cm which was brilliant news and refocused me again as I was so close.

Ethan was born at 11:34pm with no pain relief throughout not even gas.  I think I took two panadol afterwards.  No one told me till afterwards that oxytocin made the contractions twice as painful.  I know if they had I might not have thought I could do it.

All the midwives were so surprised and said how strong I was and focused and were so supportive to meet our requirements as best as they could.  It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I still managed it drug free in terms on pain relief so I could keep control of everything.

Ethan was 8 pound 5, 52cms long and a big 37cm head!  I had only minor tearing surprisingly.

We wanted to say on behalf of Steve and myself a big thank you for coming and doing the HypnoBirthing sessions with us.  I was strong, brave and believed I could do it (and did).

Motherhood is the hardest job by far!

– Megan

Russell’s experience: calm, relaxed and confident

Russell’s experience: calm, relaxed and confident

As a husband and birth partner I was looking forward to welcoming my first child into the world with my wife. We were able to labour at home for most of the birth because we were so relaxed and confident.

I found that when we had the first midwife who didn’t understand our birth plan it slowed our labour as we weren’t able to stay relaxed. She told my wife that she was fully dilated plus two and then continued to tell another midwife we might not even make it to the birth suite and have the baby in the hallway. This messed with my wife’s relaxed state and therefore slowed her surges.  After the shift change we found the new midwife was more open to our birthing choices and was able to guide us through the birth we wanted.

If I could change anything I would have practiced the breathing technique with my wife as she managed her breathing on her own until we got home from the hospital (during labour) when I was prompted to help her by counting the breaths in and out. I stepped in at this stage and helped out with breathing techniques, light touch massage, supporting her in all positions and positive reinforcement.

I found my wife and I were very capable and relaxed in labour due to the techniques we learnt in our HypnoBirthing classes.

The HypnoBirth of Frankie – June 2011

The HypnoBirth of Frankie – June 2011

Thanks to Bree, we had the birth for our baby daughter that we believed was best. We had done extensive research into birth before coming to Bree because we wanted the most natural and positive birth experience for our daughter; we felt it was the best start in life that we could give her.

My waters broke, spontaneously, at 37 weeks which was amazing because I had a real fear of being induced. Bree, through the HypnoBirthing course, had warned us to be careful of artificial induction, not the least because it leads to intervention, the outcome we were trying to avoid. As the baby was quite early, the hospital asked us to come in for assessment and, contrary to our feelings, we obliged. It turned out to be amazing.

The only intervention we experienced was antibiotics. The foetal monitoring showed that using the HypnoBirthing breathing techniques the baby was doing amazingly well through each surge. The midwives at the Mater were amazing. When my husband explained that we were using the HypnoBirthing method, they left us alone to labour on our own. Nobody offered us pain killers, not a word about pain was mentioned.

Using the methods that Bree had taught us, we were able to create the positive space for birthing. I was able to trust my body to birth the baby in conjunction with my daughter who really led the way. There was no ‘stages’ of labour in the strict sense, the whole thing from waters breaking to birth of the baby was only 9 hours, so we didn’t worry about the second and transition phase.

When I had the urge to push, my husband got a midwife and we went to the birth suite. The midwife, who attended Frankie’s birth, was in the lift with us as we went to the suite and, noticing the space we were creating, respected this by not saying anything to us but gently allowing us to maintain the space on the trip to the birth suite.

The HypnoBirthing course was absolutely amazing. It allowed us to have the birth we felt our precious baby deserved. It was the best start in life we could give to our daughter and we can’t recommend highly enough HypnoBirthing with Bree. If you follow the methods and practice your breathing throughout your pregnancy, it will help you to have a positive, pain free birth experience.

The best recommendation I can give was Frankie’s Agpar score. In spite of being nearly 3 weeks early, her Agpar at birth was 9 and, by 10 minutes, she was an Agpar of 10. This is pretty fantastic for a premmie and a great testament to the HypnoBirthing method.


– Bec and Lawrence

The Birth of Xena – a dads story

The Birth of Xena – a dads story

I had the amazing experience of being with my wife for all the training and education including the HypnoBirthing course that we did in preparation for our baby’s birth.

I can tell you now that all of it helped, but the HypnoBirthing education easily made the biggest difference to us having the natural birthing experience we wanted.

My wife’s waters broke early in the morning and she immediately began getting surges. We were comfortable with how it was progressing and we started baking a birthday cake for our baby, went for a walk down the beach and had an enjoyable time. Later in the afternoon we went into the birthing centre, where due to meconium in the waters we were transferred into the hospital. This was not what we had wanted and it stressed my wife. Thankfully we used HypnoBirthing and took my wife through a fear release which changed everything. She was now re-centred and adjusted to the new situation, before long we had the midwifes bringing in more pillows, mattresses, a swiss ball, the lights were turned down and the music was calmly playing in the background. We focused and working as a team.

The labour progressed through the night and into the next morning, I was always with my wife including in the shower, the bath, on chairs, fit balls or on the bed giving her support. Again the biggest difference was using the HypnoBirthing scripts on what to say, reminding her to keep breathing slowly and deeply but most of all it was knowing that this was perfectly natural. The course also helped knowing what she needed and how to maintain the boundaries with all medical staff so that my wife could focus just on herself knowing she had all the support she needed.

At one stage it was late at night and she was tiring so I made the decision for her to get a bag of IV fluids put in and to start using some gas. This gave her the chance to recharge and by sunrise she was in the final stage of labour, with our beautiful girl born at 9am into our loving arms. I will admit to shedding some tears, its an amazing experience to be a part of bringing life into this world.

That afternoon, we were back in the birthing centre and we went and helped out a prenatal class with questions and answers on labour. Everyone was very surprised at how happy, healthy and energetic we both were only 10 hours after the birth. That’s because we had the knowledge, the confidence and skills learnt in the HypnoBirthing education to have a natural birth on our terms.

To all men, you need to be involved in the whole process of pregnancy and labour including the education and any tests. You will always look back on the experience with a massive smile knowing you were there to help and it will bring your relationship with both your partner and your newborn baby even closer.

– Jai